New Year… Same me!

Hey WordPressers! I have been MIA so far this year, but I am here.. I am here! Hello!

Hope you are having a great start to 2023. I can’t say Happy New Year any longer, we have gone past the appropriate amount of time to say that, right?

(LD is me).

I took a break from blogging through school vacation week and extended it a little while longer. Oops. My week off for Christmas and New Years was great, but work life bit me in the arse as we got back to work on January 3, but this seems to be my work life now.

Idk if I had mentioned it last year, I don’t think I had but if I had- sorry, but we had a big shift in our executive senior leader right as I returned from my LOA for my broken wrist. The change of leadership is a good thing. This new executive seems like a competent person; I met him in November and we seem to gel well and whatnot (he is my age), but he knows NOTHING about our line of business- which is deflating. And he had come over to us from consumer on the heels of another executive who shook up our department in the worst ways right before he retired (the former guy was our leader for a years or so). All of this high level realignment is unheard of in my company. So the past year had been a lot of ups and downs, so the spirit of the team is still bouncing back.

Also, all new leadership changes comes with a lot of information gathering, meetings and reporting… plus the threats of a re-alignment/ re-region mapping ahead, which creates a lot of work for the line of business executive team, whom I work for… which means that is a lot of work for … me. SO I get a ton of ‘fire drill’ projects that I have to prioritize and keep discrete. But even through the work insanity, I am having a pretty great ’23 so far, actually.

Trying hard to keep my ‘resolutions’ and feeling pretty good about the year’s plans ahead. I haven’t made any unattainable resolutions or anything; have you guys? All I have on my list is to lose the fatness that I have gained last year (mamma mia 😳 ), and continue on being creative and learning new things.. I am pretty positive I can handle this haha. Already started on the getting fit part; I have lost a little pudge, and I have been sewing, baking and pottery making. So already, on day 11, things are going well!

I am also hoping to keep journaling every week, I had fun keeping this up last year.

Plus, I have my third session of pottery starting on the 23rd and what is life without telling you about it on here? 😆

Anyways. Pottery! I can’t wait for the new session! Monday night was our last class of that session. Lots of fury around me of folks trying to complete past projects but I created a new one. I made a couple of valentines for my girls- little heart-shaped trinket dishes, and I made myself an eclectic shaped spoon. If the instructor gets everything into the kiln before next week, I will get to glaze the hearts at the first class and after the next firing they’ll be ready before Valentine’s Day. (I’ve told you, I am alllll about the holidays.). My priority next session is throwing on the wheel though. I am not forgetting to push myself to do more throwing.

🤎🤎Two heart plates n my kooky spoon waiting in the kiln line🤎

Our last class of this session was such a good class and I hope the next crew is just as fun. So far, from this last group, six of us are signed up for the next session. Same night and time. Which is super great. Only one of the girls that worked with us backed out last minute. She decided to train her new puppy. The nerve. 😜

Well, there’s my first post of 2023. I am sending all my best to you for a great long, wonderful year ahead. xoxo

till next post. xo

3 thoughts on “New Year… Same me!

    1. My only wish is that my job has some good changes ahead- but if I am to be let go that they do it in June with a big fat severance package. 😊
      Happy 2023, John!

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