8 Days Being Left-handed (non dominant hand)

Hey everyone! How are you? Enjoying Spring I hope. Well, I’m doing ok. I’m on day 8 in my splint, which I have utter disdain towards but that’s to be expected. The thing is bulky, heavy and bothersome. And itchy. I’m looking forward to surgery this week so it’ll disappear.

Gosh, I can’t believe I’m looking forward to surgery.

So, in all of this new left-handed living, I thought it would be helpful to share my tips and encouragement. Being injured is isolating and strange, even if my husband and daughters are a major help around the house, I do a lot and it has forced me to think outside of my daily routine to get by.

Broken Arm Life Hacks n Advice:

  • Accept or hire help. You will definitely need an extra set of hands to do simple tasks and light housework the first day or two. You’ve already injured yourself, let’s not make it worse.
  • Remember this is temporary. The splint or cast feels awful, and at times like we are stuck.. but it’s short lived.
  • Rest and nap. You will feel fatigued, your body is healing.
  • Take your time.
  • Place a small pillow between your slinged arm and chest for extra support.
  • Practice doing personal activities everyday. Like washing yourself, brushing your hair or teeth, or getting dressed. As challenging as it seems, don’t give up. Try. Each day gets easier.
  • Getting dressed- Wear loose fitting clothes until you can handle the balancing act. Start with dressing the injured arm side first then the rest. Undressing- start with removing clothes from your non injured side then injured side. It makes for easy maneuvering.
  • Position everything you normally use on the side of your free hand, for easy accessibility.
  • Cover your casted/injured arm with a hand towel whenever you eat over the first few days. You will thank me.
  • Slip on slippers and shoes. Tying shoes is for our family and helpers.
  • Wipes. Wipes. Wipes. From pits to bottoms, wipes of all types are our besties in the bathroom when we can’t shower m.
  • Face washing brush. I wear makeup everyday (yup even w my broken arm!), and my brush helps a lot to wash my face properly.
  • Purchase a two pack of waterproof cast protectors for showering. Curad for under $12 via Amazon.
  • Keep non medical child-lock or tight capped bottles and jars not closed/partially ajar for easy opening.
  • If you wear makeup, don’t get deflated by the use of your less dominant hand. Take your time. Use all of your tools, if needed. Move your face along with your hand. You’ll be surprised how well you fair through. And enjoy trying something new.
  • Claw hair clips for quick swooping one-handed hair styles; helps to get hair out of eyes.
  • Pump bottles.. hand soap, lotion, shampoo and conditioner. Pump bottles are a gift from God that I never knew I needed.
  • Front clasping bras are way easier to maneuver. In a cast or not. Am I right, guys? 😉

What I have not mastered in 8 days is hair drying. My stylist is away..boo! So, I’ve been letting my hair air dry then use my dryer brush after which isn’t easy. The results are not great but I’ll take it.

Breaking a limb is devastating so if you’ve ever broken an arm or anything and want to share your helpful living hacks, or encouraging words, do so in the comments below! 👇🏻

Before I go, I want to thank my husband! He has been my greatest champion with our two girls. He has stayed home with me everyday to help and comforting me. He has been doing a stellar job keeping the house in order. He has cooked every day-from scratch like me, too. I may never cook or clean again!

I’m so lucky and forever grateful.

Thank you so much for reading along today, guys! I always appreciate the support. I will loop back after surgery this week. So stay tuned!

….Till next post. xoxo

4 thoughts on “8 Days Being Left-handed (non dominant hand)

  1. Wow, Valeria, your struggles are many! Your husband is a great guy for sure, I hope the surgery will be 100% successful and you can use your dominant hand soon. 🙏🏻❤️

  2. Best wishes!!
    Great and useful tips. Resting and giving it time to heal is crucial.
    Your husband is a superhero 🙂
    Feel better, I read your latest post and I’m glad to know that you are recovering well

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