Better than all the Wrist

I’m punny.

Well. Hello WordPress! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day. I am writing to you from the comfort of my kitchen. I had surgery yesterday morning and I wanted to tell you a little bit about it.

I started off yesterday waking up at 5 AM, surgery was for 8AM and I had to arrive at 6 AM. These are times of day that don’t really register with me because I am not a morning person… Let me repeat this… I am not a morning person.

I had surgery at a surgical outpatient facility, about 20 minutes away. I was bummed out because when we arrived, they told me that my husband couldn’t come into the room with me, he only could say goodbye to me from the lobby. And pick up later ..outside. So I toughened up and made it through alone.

I was in surgery by 7:30AM! It was crazy how fast things rolled.
First came in the anesthesiologist who explained everything that he was going to do. I was kind of nervous because he told me that I had to have a nerve blocker…through my neck…placed by ultrasound- totally new to me. So, this means that I was nervous! Next in was the lovely nurse, who comforted me and got me prepped for the doctor. Then after her I got to see the anesthesiologist nurse, and I believe his RN, as well. Each one getting me ready.

Then the hot doctor came in to say hi, joke around and explain what to expect. Yeah I kinda didn’t tell everybody that he was absolutely gorgeous. Yeah so. He marked my arm with his signature and made his way to the OR. The anesthesiologist made his way back into my room for the nerve blocker.

This was an interesting experience. I just can’t believe that they can inject drugs into our system using the guidance of an ultrasound. I didn’t initially feel anything from this but post surgery my entire arm, from shoulder to fingers were numb. Till bedtime. I was also given more narcotics to relax me.

They rolled me to the OR. I was awake for maybe five minutes. I saw the lights, my Dr and that was it. Oh I saw the staff. All I remember is that my Dr grabbed my arm like it was not broken and zzzzz. I woke up in recovery with my arm numb placed in a foam wedge contraption to keep it up. I’m actually using it right now, this thing comes in handy to keep your hand elevated. I was home safely by 10:40AM. My husband walked me to the TV room, and fell asleep until 3:14PM… when my oldest daughter walked in the house.

This all happened crazy fast.

Today I woke up pretty early because the pain medication wore off in middle morning. I did take acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and before bed, I took one of the narcotics that they prescribed me but only half a pill. I’m the kind of person that will, not suffer through, but I would rather try to manage my pain without these really having drugs. But obviously, taking half wasn’t enough because my arm was in so much pain this morning and I couldn’t do anything about it because of timing. I tried convincing myself to fall asleep but by 5 o’clock I had to jump out of bed eat some crackers and take the acetaminophen and ibuprofen. BUT – I feel fine, everything is great. I passed right out after they kicked in.

My doctor called this morning to check in with me, all looked great and went well and I’m able to move my fingers. So. Now, I wait for my postop appointment with the doctor next week then jump start physical therapy. So I will try and update everybody then, again. With this broken wrist I really have nothing to talk about because I am off work and I can’t really do much 🙃.

Oh wait…My youngest daughter starts her play Friday through Sunday, Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief. She has the role of Ms. Dodds, and two different ensembles. I’m so excited for her. So, I’m hoping I can make at least two of her shows. Then after I’m done w my LOA, I actually take off for a vacation with my family. I hope to also update you guys on that when I get back, but that’s not until the end of April. I’m hoping by then I will ramp up physical therapy, and quickly get back to normal living.

Wish me luck!

So right now, I was handed a lovely coffee and I’m waiting for my parents to show up because they wanna visit. After this, I’m gonna try to sleep between listening to podcasts and talking to friends. 😆

That’s my update. I hope this is the last surgery of my life! 😆 Thank you for reading along, everyone. I really do appreciate the support and hope it shows.

till my next post.. xoxo

7 thoughts on “Better than all the Wrist

  1. Wow, I’m glad that your surgery was successful, Valeria! I hope the pain eases down soon, and I hope your daughter’s play goes well too. Get well!

  2. I love a good pun and this was definitely punny.

    As someone who lobbed off a limb and had it reattached, take the pills! You will have plenty of pain and discomfort in the future to deal with. Cold weather will cause such a pain (which lasts just a few moments) and arthritis will kick in too. Just enjoy being pain free for now. Physical therapy will definitely make you feel like a child doing movements you did as a kid to strengthen your wrist. I actually found the exercises amusing so I did them often on my own which helped my healing process. PT lady liked that about me. 😂 I was so grateful I would be able to walk, I would have done anything she said!

    Keep up being your jolly oneself and this will soon be anthing of the past and a funny story to tell your grandkids (5000 years from now 😂

    1. 😆 you always know what to say.
      I still cant believe that story Stephanie! You have gone thru so much and always have sage advice. You are badass.

      I’m taking it day by day and am not going to be a victim to this broken bone. No effn way. Life experience is made of messes, like this. And so true, this will be a good story to tell my future family for sure.
      (I’m secretly looking forward to physical therapy, too. And to drive on my own!)

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