Wristy business

Hey WordPress!

Hope you guys are having a great Tuesday. I’m doing pretty well. Eh, I’m actually not doing that good. Broke my wrist Sunday afternoon. Which sucks.

I am typing this out with my left hand, and may use talk to text, just a FYI. My left hand is not my dominant one. So it’s a challenge.

Yeah, so now I’m part of the broken bone club, guys 😆 . And I had my surgical initiation today. Boy -what an experience!

Here’s the skinny: Sunday afternoon, my family and I were at RollerWorld celebrating our niece’s 10th birthday. It started off great. We grabbed roller skates and whirled around the rink a few dozen times. Bopping to the music and being silly. Then we jumped off so the kids could eat. Then right after, we laced the skates back up for a few more loops around the rink.

My quads were killing me after this fifteen minute session (I had started back at the gym two weeks ago), so I decided I was done, and went off to remove my roller skates. Well, my feet decided it was time to slip n slide the second I touched the rug. Which the wobbling threw me up in the air ..falling straight down on my butt …but with my right hand bracing the fall.

My wrist shattered.

The pain I felt was nothing I had experienced before. And I have had two babies, one w no epidural.. and the ER NP setting the bones back up my hand was far far worse pain. I swear it. I cried hyperventilating, and almost punched out the nurse! just incredible pain.

I’m sitting here now with a big bulky splint in a sling. Uncomfortable, but oddly happy.

My big fat splint

Yeah. I’m happy. I met with my orthopedic doctor this afternoon, he helped put my fears at ease. Though I’m booked for surgery next week, that fear is still there. My wrist is just not able to heal without surgery. I will have titanium screws and plates afterwards, though. No, I won’t be bionic ..but close enough. I am just glad he is able to fix the bones.

It’s crazy how fast life comes at you. I was just starting to get into a normal routine back weight lifting. I was happy, feeling good , looking better, liking myself, and 💥 I break a bone.

Oh well. I just gotta laugh. And believe that something good is to come on the other side of this moment. for now, I now know what it means to break a bone and how horrible it feels.

I’ll try my best to keepya posted on the surgery. I’m nervous but I literally just went through much scarier stuff!

Thanks for stopping by to see what I’m up to. I always appreciate the support of all of you reading along. 😊

Tty… til next post xoxo

7 thoughts on “Wristy business

  1. Wow, Valeria, first your ear gets repaired, and now your getting metal pins in your wrist! I’m glad that the bones can be reset to heal properly, I hope that you get full use of the wrist after it heals.

    Be careful out there! We never can know what life will throw at us next, can we… I used to rollerskate years ago in Michigan with my buddies every Friday night, great fun.

    I broke just one bone in the early 80s, it was my right hand, not the little finger but right behind it. Be careful with that hand! 🙏🏻👍🏻

    1. Thank you, John! I will try my best to keep all of my bones in tact after this. 😂
      Though I do love roller skating, I think this was my last time. This experience is not so great and I definitely don’t want to repeat any of it.

  2. Jesus, you ARE a trooper! Nothing keeps Valeria on the sidelines, not even a shattered wrist . . . which makes me wince when I write it. But you? Kicking butt.

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