Spring blooms

Hey everyone! Just a quick update here.

I woke up to find these purple crocus blooms outside my window this morning!

First blooms of 2021!

Even if it is a gloomy morning up here, these lil beauties made it seem bright. I have always wanted crocuses in my yard and look..there’s more to come. Possibly today!

Quickly, after seeing these blooms, I looked around the yard at all the spots I had planted the tulips and look! Woo!

I am so excited!! There are three varieties of pink tulips here and I honestly cannot wait to see them come up.

There is something so gratifying in gardening, guys!

Welp. I gotta get back to work. The one thing that keeps me from my real life. 😉

Thanks for catching up so quickly! xo Have a great Friday!

2 thoughts on “Spring blooms

    1. You too, John!
      Yes so many …my enemies..the pine trees! 😆 there are reminders all year round that they flank the house..the needles are always dropping. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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