Sew It Begins

Hi WordPress!

I’m starting off today with my past week’s embroidery. I wasn’t planning on having much time to do anything but then, luckily, time kept opening up!

I am actually pretty proud of my duck stitch. He came out so cute and feathery-like. (Don’t mind the bubbles, I was having such a tough time keeping focus with those.) It was my first embroidery using dark material, and my first embroidery using the material as a feature, ie, it’s the dark sky and water.

Notice the new material that I have just purchased? Gosh, I am in love. It is so lush and solid compared to my previous stuff. It makes my work look classy. 😆

So my hearing update…

Welp, everyone, I got the call from the Otolaryngologist earlier tonight.. the ear, nose & throat doctor. I went for my ct scan on Monday afternoon and he wanted to discuss the scan. Ugh. He spoke so quickly, and as I realized what was being said, I heard him say that they, he and the radiologist, could see that my left ear, the one having the worse hearing problems of the two ears, has a couple of visible issues. But the ct scan can only see so far.

What they saw. One-Those three tiny bones behind the ear drum seem to have some tissue affecting them and that it is a fairly common thing that affects people who suffered ear issues as kids. As I had. This isn’t urgent but it can be, and should be, fixed with surgery.

Two- He saw that my left inner ear canal is much wider than normal. Is it a freak natural occurrence or is it something freakishly there? He can’t tell and wants me to go in for a MRI for further scanning, and, to talk to an ENT who specializes in the surgery I need.

My right ear looks fine, however.

Thanks for reading along! There’s my update. Not great news but it’s news, right? Eh. I am not fully sure what to think. I feel I need some time to stew with this information before I make a move forward. Again, thank you for reading. Always appreciate your support. xo

P.S.- I have a lot planned over the next couple of weeks, including a fun getaway with friends (YAY!). So I will try my best to update my blog with stitches or what is going on before leaving, but if I can’t make a post, I will definitely update you guys when I get back.

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