Big Sur to Solvang

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing really well. I am doing great. I am looking forward to sharing this stretch of our drive down the coast of California with you today. We drove down Highway 1 through Big Sur to the town of Solvang, which the drive had the most beautiful sights I have … More Big Sur to Solvang

Yosemite National Park

Hey WordPress! Today I am sharing our experience in Yosemite National Park. WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE!! Yosemite makes you feel small. Refreshed. Full. In Awe. Connected. Overall, Spiritual. We woke up on our first day fairly early, around 6:30AM. Our plan for the day was to pack up our stuff, take a hike around the … More Yosemite National Park

What a boring July πŸ

Hey Guys!! 𝕀𝕀 π•šπ•₯ π”½π•£π•šπ••π•’π•ͺ π•ͺ𝕖π•₯? This was me on Monday. πŸ™ƒ I cant believe when my last post was uploaded. Shame on me. I wish I could tell you that I have been swamped with work or doing something fantastic but nope. Just bogged down with all the rain melancholy and, my biggest preoccupation… … More What a boring July πŸ

Spring blooms

Hey everyone! Just a quick update here. I woke up to find these purple crocus blooms outside my window this morning! Even if it is a gloomy morning up here, these lil beauties made it seem bright. I have always wanted crocuses in my yard and look..there’s more to come. Possibly today! Quickly, after seeing … More Spring blooms