Bursting at the Seams

Oh happy dayyyyyy, WordPressers! It’s February 28, we have another twenty days till Spring, guys. Bring on the longer days! The sunshine! The warmer air!

I am so over Winter!

A beam of light in my future Spring is new flowers! Last Fall, idk if you remember, I had planted over 100 plants and then 100 bulbs right at the end of the season. I realized this morning that they should pop up this Spring, some starting in a month! I planted crocuses and four varieties of pink tulips. I am so excited to see all the signs of new life in a few weeks with the crocuses. I have always wanted them in the yard. That little sprout of hope in the snow; that symbolism makes me smile. Yee I can’t wait!

Since my last post I have been super busy with life …and stitching! I finished up this month on my sewing journal this morning. It looks like chaos to me too, but this journal thing is new to me so hopefully by the time this year ends the whole hoop will look neater. 😆

So let me go through it for you.


  • A champagne 🍾 bottle overflowing for our NYE night;
  • The number 9️⃣ for the day I started sewing;
  • A pink rose for my first sewn rose;
  • Chinese takeout for the night we flubbed on ordering and ended up cooking Chinese food instead 🥡;
  • Jack my cat’s nose n whiskers because I love him 🐈‍⬛ so;
  • Biden Harris because 🇺🇸 … how awesome and monumental was that moment this year? First woman VP. And it brings me hope ☺️;
  • A ⛄️ snowman for the first storm of the year.

And February…

  • 🥖 bread because I baked it yesterday;
  • A biscotti for making them twice-and giving a batch to my parents who loved them;
  • 🥚 egg x18.. for the eighteen eggs my 15 yo broke in one quick swoop from the fridge 🤦🏻‍♀️; (and who got to clean it up? Me)
  • A lemon for squeezing them every Friday night for Side Cars 🍸;
  • Lips for my new found love of red lipstick 👄 ;
  • Snowflake❄️ for the snowstorms;
  • A heart, a heart linzer cookie, and pair of wine 🍷 glasses for all the Valentine’s Day fun ❤️ ;
  • Sushi 🍣 for ‘WandaVision Sushi Fridays’ (along w our Side Cars!);
  • Jack my cat’s head;
  • OM for starting 🧘🏻‍♀️ yoga again;
  • And a banana for banana bread.

Boy that’s a lot of drinking and eating! 😂 but with traveling and going out on pause for covid this is what I have to stitch about. Wellll, I could stitch about all the drama at work but, I think my cooking and baking and cocktail shaking is way more fun!

I am looking forward to the weather to start cooking so I can stitch about a fun March!

January and February are done! Woot!

On top of finishing up February on my sewing journal, I did stitch a lot this week. Still aiming at creating every day. I sped through the first half of the week’s four projects- and took my time on the last three, the mermaid, the quote and the peacock. You can totally see how stressed I was in my work between the days. The content and the stitches looked tight. Crazy. What a reflection of how things panned out for me this past week. Hoping all of next week is quiet so I can stitch to my heart’s content all day every day!! 😆

The peacock came out pretty right? My sister saw all of my sewing projects last week and suggested I draw her favorite animal, a peacock. Which was a great idea. I drew it from a stained glass window that I saw online. Maybe I will frame it to send to her! (If you’re reading this Piera, ignore that. But isn’t it a good idea?) 😆

Tonight I want to figure out what I will make this week, starting with tonight. Maybe I will aim for a themed week of animals or something. I love sewing animals for some reason. Maybe I will shoot for a farm theme or something.

Well, I gotta jet outta here! My oldest had us buy her some clay for a fun project earlier today…and she wants me to make something with her. 🙂

Thank you guys for reading along! Always appreciate it. ☺️. Till next time! xoxo

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