Thanksgiving 2020

Hello guys! I totally forgot to update you on my holiday! Bah. My brain these days.

This year’s Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. It has been a handful of Thanksgivings that I am the hostess. I like entertaining- from cooking, setting tablescapes, cocktails to everything in between. I love it all. Normally, we have my family, parents and in laws over for dinner. This year with covid19, we had to keep the guest list small. So since my in-laws live next door to their daughter we decided to just have my parents. Since my older sister goes to her in laws for this holiday. My oldest sis lives overseas.

My part of the holiday was the same, just less people to cook for but I cooked and decorated as if it was no different. Personally, I do it for my kids …and myself. I’m uber festive, always have been this way but since having kids it has ramped up a lot. Which I love! 😆 I try my best to give my kids the holidays they deserve so even if it were just us four I’d do a whole big hoopla thing too.

One big change due to covid was that my husband didn’t go off to his annual alum pancake breakfast nor the HS football game with his friends that normally follows; so he was able to enjoy the morning hang out with the girls and I. Well, I cooked all morning but I loved that he was home to see all the mania. Something he has not ever done in all the years we have been together (19 years married- 24 years all together here, kids). Egad that made me sound old as dirt. Oh well, I am. So having him home… I loved that.

One fun tradition that was odd this year..aside from missing people, was the Macy’s Day Parade. Usually Imma running into the TV room; watching with the girl between preparing dishes. Well, this year it was non existent. Our kids didn’t want to watch a second of the parade this year, so Fort Nite and Call of Duty was played with their Daddy -with our friends, instead. It gave me a lot of free time to do things; a great way to unwind before entertaining.

Here are some fun pics of the day... Also, we had a zoom Friendsgiving on Saturday night which was not the same as our in person bash! But we were all safe at home and will try to do the real thing next year.

All in all, it was an unconventional year that we made the very most of together. I had figured it would be a quiet night but we took full advantage of having this intimate group together with lots of cocktails, food and conversations. …and hugs :). Plus, I love listening to my Dad’s stories …followed by my Mom correcting those stories. 😆

Hope you all had a great safe and healthy Thanksgiving as well. I know the next coming weeks going into the next holiday season will be more of a challenge for us, but we are in this together. Plus, I am here for anyone who needs some ‘virtual’ holiday comfort and shoulder to vent on.

Take care! Thank you for reading.

***wait! I hafta share one flub that I made… I cooked the bird upside down!! 😂 I didn’t realize till we went to carve it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ My brain. It came out great anyways but I died when I realized. Oops!!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2020

  1. I hope your Thanksgiving was good, Valeria! I seem to have missed your posts for some reason. Still following too. Wishing you and yours a happy, blessed Christmas. Be safe! 🙏🏻❤️

    1. Thank you! Happiest Christmas to you, John! Enjoy all that warm LV weather rocking in the New Year too!
      Hoping to get some quiet time after the holiday to read up on all the WP fun I have missed. I have been slacking but started vacation Friday (and am off for the year. Wooo!!)

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