Christmas 2020

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas!

So. How was everyone’s holidays? Mine was pretty great. I’ll go into detail below. But first… 🕊To those who celebrated these holidays, I hope that you enjoyed them as safely as possible and spent the days in good company with lots of peace, love and laughter! 🎁 If you’re secular, well, I hope you had a great peaceful few weeks and took full advantage of all the holiday sales with your loved ones!!

My holidays were different, as I am sure a lot of yours were, too. But, even different, this December has been good to me so far. Even with the latest covid19 restrictions in MA keeping us from our families, friends and all of our usual craziness for the holidays, I have to say that I am …happy. I know, weird, right? That odd weight I had been carrying seems to have fully disappeared. Maybe it is people out of sight or that I refocused on my life, but whatever it is I feel great waking up every day with lots of energy, a smile and a very grateful heart.

From Thanksgiving my life is usually chock full of good times.. there’s my mom’s birthday followed by mine then my nieces, mixed and shaken with friend gatherings and school events with the finale Christmas. It normally makes for a lot of partying, dressing up, drinking and eating, exhaustion and fat pants. 😂 I missed this this year ….but not really.

With everything low key- not seeing anyone outside of the four of us, we tried to make the very best of a weird moment in our lives by keeping the traditions going for our kids. Gingerbread houses. Christmas PJs w matching headbands or Santa hats. Cocoas, coffees and teas. Holiday music all day. Baking cookies and pastries. Grabbing a ton of holiday themed treats (meaning peppermint) and snacks to keep the girls smiling. Snuggling watching holiday movies. Cooking all their favorite meals. (And lotsa cocktails-side cars, for the Big Man and I.)

With my parents, my father being 81 years young- he asked everyone to stay home safe and sound. So I had to think of the best way to celebrate with them so they didn’t feel alone. My daughters and I got dressed up w Santa hats and dropped off gifts over there on the 23rd – we gave them virtual hugs from their porch and planned to zoom with them on Christmas. (Which actual was nice- being one on one with them opening presents is something we have never done.)

My parent-in-laws swung by for coffee and gifts on Christmas Eve in the afternoon, which was so quick, though nice. Plus they grabbed the gifts so we could zoom gift exchange with my sis in law and kids that night. It was a lot of fun. But zooms are only fun with booze. 😂

I still have more gifts to give out… and plan on dropping off gifts to my sister and our best friends tonight or tomorrow. I am calling dropping off gifts to their porches ‘elving’.

Here are pics of our Christmastime. Overall, it was a beautiful time for me with my family. Slowing it down made me appreciate all that I have in front of me. ❤️

Hope you all had a great holiday and Merry Christmas!🎄💚🤍❤️🕊

9 thoughts on “Christmas 2020

  1. Hi Valeria, I’m glad you and yours had a wonderful Christmas! Great photos, thanks for sharing. My dad who is 92 years young decided many months ago that the entire family will stay home for Christmas. We will gather in June 2021 depending on the circumstances. Be well! 😊

    1. 🎄Merry Christmas to you and yours John!
      Your father is a smart man. Christmas in June is actually a great idea! Maybe we can replay all of the holidays in 2021, doubling up the fun. Haha. Hope you have a great holiday week! Be safe and enjoy your warm weather. 🥰

      1. Thank you so much, Valeria! I love my dad so much, it’s so difficult to not have seen any family in over one year now, makes me angry. He’s a brilliant man in so many ways, especially the business world. Enjoy your week, be safe and well. 🙏🏻😊

      2. No, he’s in Michigan, my home state, I’m in Las Vegas, almost 2K miles southwest. Once this damned virus has gone, I can resume my usual three flights home per year. I’m so conflicted right now because of the virus keeping me away from my family, and I live by myself too.

      3. Ugh, I cant imagine how tough this site has been for you. It certainly isnt the mot ideal for anyone and I hope things fall into place as the vaccine makes its rounds through. Are you able to video chat w your family or at the very least just your dad?

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