Sober October Journal- days 22 and 23

Hey everyone!

Day 22 was a surprisingly quiet day at work so I got a lot of my own personal stuff done like VOTE!! 🇺🇸 Woo! I drove by the polling location on Saturday but the line was so long that I couldn’t chance it with the time I had left in the morning. So I waited to try my chances on Monday. I always vote early in our local and national campaigns. It is just easier for me to take off randomly than set aside the Election Day where I end up waiting forever in a line. I had thought to post a mail in ballot but I had never done it before so I just stuck with my usual early voting plan.

Took me all of five minutes at 11A to run to my local polling location to cast my vote. Do you have a voting plan?

Now I am not going to bring up politics here. I don’t really care if anyone is republican or democrat, independent or green, or, liberal or alien. As long as you are a decent human being it doesn’t matter. It is your view point of how the country runs and should be run. Plus, I get enough of that aggressive behavior reading others’ argument and opinion posts on FB. From my own family too, which may be the MOST annoying thing to have surfaced in recent years..the FB arguments. That is all ridiculous in my eyes. Shut up about your fucking beliefs online and use your voice where it matters.. in your vote!

How I feel about where I stand is not your business either, but, cordial civility is all that matters to me. We can agree to disagree like people have for millennia. Aggression, imo, is the angst of small minded people trying to fit a circle peg in a square shape.

Day 23 is today! What a chilly day. Ugh why am I still living in Massachusetts? Anyway. Today has been a pretty nice day. I just got done with a session of yoga that focused on neck and shoulder stress, followed by an odd ten minutes of meditation. Odd because I like to meditate with calming music but today I clicked on ‘OM’ music. 😆 which is literally a group of men collectively singing ‘ommmmm’ over and over which made my mind wander to giggle more than release. But I feel pretty good still.

Since I haven’t done much other than wake up, shower, work and yoga, I have nothing to really update you guys with.

Lemme see if I have anything inside me to say..

I want to drink but won’t allow it. I miss grabbing wine with dinner or a relaxing cocktail after work. I keep talking to myself about why I can’t make drinking less- or not at all, an every day thing. I wonder if maybe I am trying to avoid thoughts or secretly depressed, but my mind is not giving me any insight. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I feel happy inside, I just miss the yummy 🍹 drink!

I want to lounge around watching movies all day but I won’t allow that either. Part of my challenge is to be better at being active, right? Since I started yoga and exercising (or choosing activities that move me) I have been feeling really good about myself again. Trying to be more out of my comfort zone isn’t easy but neither is living with the way fat deposits on my body. I was having hard times with certain things and that has all gone away since I have lost some weight.

So. I have to choose the joy of my health. Which is what I am doing.

Hmm I guess I had a lot to say. 😏 Now it is time for me to get back to work. My other reality. Boooo!

Thank you for taking the time to read along. I appreciate it. Till next time! Xo

3 thoughts on “Sober October Journal- days 22 and 23

  1. I admire your willpower to stay away, Valeria! Lovely photos! Great thoughts on voting too, I never allow political discussions on my meager photoblog. Have a wonderful week! 😎🌮

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