Ringmaster Valeria

Hey everyone! The girls are officially in the swing of back to school. ¬†It has been a little hard for ME to adjust ¬†hah. ¬†Since day one we have been involved in getting them back acclimated to a better sleep schedule, homework and school activities. Ooof! Homework! ¬†I don’t even know why this is still … More Ringmaster Valeria

Gym Update

Hey Everyone! Hope you guys have been enjoying this gorgeous warm Boston weather this week! Ohh so nice! This is exactly my type of weather. And. This great weather should hold up over the weekend, which is great news as my good friend’s wedding is tomorrow! Last minute, it was decided that a large group … More Gym Update

Thursday Update!

Helloooo Everyone! I am happy for no reason today; it‚Äôs awesome.¬† Ever have one of those days that you just wake up to everything feeling, hearing, looking, and tasting amazing, like you are on some crazy high?¬† That‚Äôs me today.¬† Not sure what it is, or who slipped what in my coffee, but thank you. … More Thursday Update!

Where’s Valeria?

Hey Everyone! My My MYYYYYY!!!! I have been in the worst rut of my life, actually, since 2015 has begun! SICKNESS! The night of my Easter post, I fell ill AGAIN, but this time with a stomach bug. ¬†An insane stomach bug that felt like hot daggers were scraping me¬†from the inside… and the pain … More Where’s Valeria?

Holy Strep!

Hey Everyone!! What a major setback¬†since my last post!! ¬† Here’s why I have been MIA. ¬†Well, I was literally MIA! I had such a great day that Thursday, when I last posted. ¬†Great work day. ¬†Great gym session. Though I was exhausted more than normal. Great dinner with my family. Then that night I … More Holy Strep!

Signed Up!

Hey Everyone! This girl was up super late last night reviewing the two gyms side by side, and I signed up for one! I chose gym…..number 1! ¬†(The first one I checked out!) I didn’t think that shopping for a gym would be this big of a deal, because my last gym was conveniently attached … More Signed Up!

Cocoa Butter and Heating Pads..This girl is a Party Animal.

Hey Everyone! Well, today felt like a perfect Spring day, didn’t it? ¬†I am hoping this bright, warm day was a small taste of the early Spring we so rightfully deserve! (A girl can dream can’t she?) Since my last post. ¬† Yesterday morning was my daughter’s big eminent person report, and my husband left … More Cocoa Butter and Heating Pads..This girl is a Party Animal.