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I am in an insanely good mood for a Wednesday. A snowy one at that. The snowfall out my window this morning is picture perfect, with those slow falling fluffy flakes. Looks like a dream.

So yeah, my birthday!

Officially, I am IN my forties, 43. Crazy, right? I am in my forties not 26, which is how I feel most days. Though not how I look anymore. Man, I loved being 26! Haha. It is weird to think about.. aging. So out of our control, yet everyone is going through it.  Some of us age well. Some of us, unfortunately, not so much. Some of us try to deny it and some of us face it head on. I have decided that I am facing it head on with grace and humor. Not many people are privileged with growing older, and yeah the thought freaks me out, but I am here to live through it all! I want to experience it, even if I will turn into a deaf, thicc, shriveled up, chicken-necked, saggy -jowled old lady! That is a privilege…right??

Dear God-They are still perky now. So, all I ask is for you NOT to let gravity take my boobs towards my feet so quickly. Ok, deal?!
As if you don’t pray for weird stuff!


A quick recap of my birthday fun.. and pictures!  My family took me out for a great dinner at the Lincoln Tavern in South Boston.  We were there for a few hours, enjoying everything.. especially the other patrons.  The place was super busy, and there must have been a themed night somewhere locally because almost every ten minutes a group of people would walk in dressed in Christmas gear.  From full elf or Mrs. Claus body suits (not as sexy as you may think btw haha), to Santa hats to the ugliest sweaters ever.  We had a great time watching everyone else around us as these folks walked in.

Dinner was great.  We tried a bunch of different things and I have to say, I was pretty impressed.  I think I said ‘I’d like to come back for brunch’ about fifty times.  So, I think I’ll be going back for brunch some time. haha

After dinner we took a drive through the Seaport, because I thought there was an art installation up that I have been wanting to see. But it isn’t up till January, womp!  So we sped the night along to one of my favorite birthday traditions, to check out the Christmas lights around.

Like, I LOVE going around during the holidays to look at lights.  I wait till my birthday then every other day take my girls on a ride somewhere to check out more after school. My husband on my bday night surprised us with a cool new-to-us house, where they had  synchronized a radio station with their display!  It was super cool! And a great way to start our night light peeping off.  We ended the night in our usual spot in Tewksbury, Rockvale Ave, to check out the insanity of lights. This year not only did the first house on the right deck out (which is a sight to see, guys!), but almost the whole street joined in.  Something we haven’t seen done since we first started going around in the area 15 years ago.  So fun!  Brought so much joy.

This video doesn’t exist
This video doesn’t exist

It was a perfect day with my dearest trio.

We left the next day for NYC, my favorite holiday tradition! I will post about that later.

7 thoughts on “Forty-three

      1. That is the aging curse, isn’t it? We are at the youngest age of our oldest selves right now.
        And I wouldn’t mind staying 43. Haha.

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