Christmas in NYC 2019

day 1

We took off for New York by mid-morning Sunday. By the time we got into Manhattan it was about 3 PM. Probably the best time of the day to get into NYC during the holidays with all the lights. We had dinner reservations at Ragtrader for 5:30PM.

We stayed at the Cambria Hotel, which is the same hotel we stayed in when we went to New Orleans in May. I loved that NOLA hotel and had to check out their NYC location. The hotel is located on W 46th and is probably the best area to stay in if you are visiting NYC in December.

Christmas time in New York is pretty fantastic. One of the many highlights of visiting during this time of year is the department store windows. Even little stores get into the fun. Everyone decks out their windows and the store’s interiors are wonderlands of interior design. Just gorgeous. Our first stop was Saks on Fifth Avenue since their windows are usually the mainstream ones to see … and they are across from the big tree on Rockefeller Center!

The weather was pretty nice, not too chilly, so we were able to walk around the whole night. Though the worst part of the early evening was the people. The number of people out. Saks was insanity with the amount of people streaming over to see the windows. The sidewalks were too crowded so we took a walking look at all the windows through the sea of people. About six windows at the front were dressed in Disney’s Frozen theme. They were sort of lame but that may be due to my kids not being huge Frozen fans. But look for yourselves, do you think they’re all that great? They had a great opportunity that I feel they missed. With that said, the light display on the building was inspiring and emotional set to the Frozen soundtrack. So kudos there!

We then went across the way to Rockefeller Center to see the tree. It was spectacular as usual! We walked through 30 Rock where they now have FAO Shwarz set up. I am so glad they are back AND that they took the NBC store space! Perfect fit. After a quick browse around we made our way towards Times Square, getting closer to our restaurant reservations. Along the way we stopped at some of the large outdoor Christmas decorations for photo ops, which is always fun. We hopped in and out of some stores in Times Square, but just for a quick browse.

Times Square is one of those kooky places. Now, I remember being a kid walking through NYC, being terrified of Times Square. Even when I took my husband on his first NYC trip for his graduation , Times Square was a fast paced walk through where you hope a hooker didn’t notice you! Now it’s a virtual Disneyland! (Which some people hate.). I am glad they shut down traffic and made it family friendly; it’s easier to shop and people watch.

We made our way to the restaurant which was so cute inside! It was totally decked for the holidays. The service was great, and all of our cocktails and dishes were too. We hung out dining for a while. Such a fun stop!

Right after we walked over to Macy’s to check out their holiday windows. They always have fun windows. This year’s theme was all about the big man, himself. No not my husband..Santa!! Each window was a great interactive homage to the man. There was a gift delivery game. A soft dog to pet. A selfie station. It was all so fun. Then we hung out inside shopping for a bit. It’s a must see holiday department store inside. Such a wonderland of nature and glitz. My GOSH! Right after that we hung out next door at Urban Outfitters because I have to tell my kids their ‘cool’ mom used to live in the store. Haha. Just as we made our way out the girls wanted dessert..of course. So we went over to Waffles and Dinges in Herald Sq park. Ive never seen two kids eat so much! (The dinges did look good on top!)

We took a walk back up to check out Bryant Park. It’s always put together like a lil village. Each house selling something great but most were closed by the time we got there. Just enough open stores to make me happy though. We got our fill watching skaters then made our way back through Saks and Rockefeller Center with way less people around. We clocked a hellalot of steps which made me happy! I had the most :)!

What a beautiful night!

I ❤️ NY!

day 2

We made a mad dash over to Rockefeller Center to grab breakfast at Bouchon across from the Today Show window. We just missed the taping as the crowds were leaving and the gates were being taken away. Oh well. We had great coffee and pastries anyways.

It was much colder this day than the one before. Our first stop was Anthropologie, my favorite store visually. I wish I could afford everything in there but I can’t. But I still like waking around and realizing what I can afford. Haha. My husband likes the home part of the store too so that’s a bonus. Once I got my fill of beautiful materials, we made our way to Fifth Ave to check out the windows of the high fashion and fine jewelry stores.

My gosh, guys. The talent out there in the display world is sick!! Especially of my preferred holiday windows.. Bergdorf Goodman. Bahh. The beauty inside each display is a prism orgasm. No details were spared and you can tell each year the displays are designed by people who love their jobs. Just beautiful! We walked through Bergdorf’s, just to remind myself that my bank account means shit compared to a broach.

Any sugar daddies looking for a platonic friendship with me in exchange for jewelry? No? I tried!

After window peeping it started to gently snow. What a sight on Fifth Ave! We were not too far from our next stop, MoMA, the Modern Museum of Art. This museum is one of my all time favorites to visit and since they just finished building a new space I made sure it was on our list to see. The museum is hands down fun and unusual, with so many great artist works, even their store is a must see. I think we spent three hours going around. I was uber impressed that my daughters had fun fir as long as they had.. mostly I get a good hour before my youngest starts to break down in a museum.

We left MoMa with lots of souvenirs and happy we had such a great time. From there we headed to eat ramen at Hide Chan, the newer location. It was a great layout and thankfully, with the same great food. We got a few apps and ramen, which warmed us up good! Their classic ramen rocks! Get a scoop of corn, you won’t be disappointed.

After filling up on ramen, we made our way to Times Square again for our girls. We promised them we would go to the M&Ms Store AND to go back to the Disney Store. We hopped in and out too quickly for them yesterday. They just love these stores!

We shopped a lot then made our way back up to grab cocoa at Jaques Torres’ in Rockefeller Center to check out the underground shops. We were freezing so we truly enjoyed the warmth of the best cocoa on this Earth …and a long walk through of the shops. We hung out watching the ice skaters then realized what time it was. It was pretty late! We had promised to shop around but we were only able to go to Vans. Which worked out as we grabbed some presents for our oldest.

It was a great day! Still ❤️ NY!

We left the next day early because of the looming storm. The whole drive home was slippery and scary but we made it!