Day 5 – Sober October Journal

Hello everyone!

Already on day five of my Sober October challenge here. Can’t believe it!

Each morning, I am waking up looking forward to the day ahead, even with all the delayed onset muscle soreness right now. That feeling is a constant reminder of the work I am doing and I want more!

Which I will for a while as I already hit the gym today! I took off for the first time since August for a lunch break to hit the gym. Work really is a bear but I have to force myself more to get away from my laptop. It’s so not good to sit allllllll day. So, I shut everything down. Did not look at my phone the whole time. I took the hour going patiently through all my exercises. Worked out my shoulders, abs, legs, and arms-things that I couldn’t get to on the session before. The gym was dead, which is my favorite! I can crank up my headphones and bop around without feeling like anyone is criticizing me. (We all feel that at the gym btw)

So. So far I am feeling pretty motivated and optimistic, which is exactly what I wanted to feel. I haven’t touched any alcohol nor any snacks. I like what I am seeing. By no means am I in shape, well, potato is a shape, and maybe my mind’s messing with me, but I can already see some changes. Maybe the alcohol was bloating me up or something, because I feel like my face looks deflated and my gut is more like chub. If that makes any sense. Haha.

I am, however, nervous for this weekend ahead. My weekends usually consist of going out all day or getting together with friends all night, which equals lots of restaurants, take out and drinking. This weekend, I have not made any plans with friends, only one birthday party on Saturday night with family on the agenda. And it’s with my in-laws. Which now that I am thinking about it… I don’t know how I’m going to survive without booze 😆! But! I am determined to use every tactic I have in my arsenal of ignoring the stupidity and drinks around me in order to make this weekend successful!

Now I need it… Wish me luck!!