Day 7- Sober October Journal

Hey guys!

Saturday, yesterday, was a rest day from the gym but not from life. Haha. I spent most of my day cleaning closets and switching out my oldest kid’s clothes over to Fall. I now have SEVEN trash bags of clothing and shoes donations from her clean out -and I am still not done! And there’s a second child and myself left! Oh boy.

Yesterday (day) left me feeling old. My fourteen year old was tasked to help me go through her clothes. More to help me know what she wanted to keep and so she can learn how to switch out clothes each season. I can’t believe how much she has outgrown her clothes, well, more so, how she has outgrown her cute colorful, glittery girly style. (Sad face here)

But the day ended at the birthday party I mentioned Friday, and the point of my journal post today. And, I did it, guys! Went to the party last night and did not drink any alcohol nor did I indulge on, my favorite junk food, chips! Woo!

Trying to think of how to not want wine or a cocktail, I opted to bring my own flavored seltzer water to help me out. Polar’s Ginger Lime Mule is my favorite flavored water. It worked! I grabbed a wine glass and just kept filling it with the water. My lack of drinking wine sparked some Sober October conversation, most never heard of it, and everyone made me feel real good about my challenge. Sticking to the water all night was not hard at all. My father-in-law took me aside before he left to give me praises for trying a cleanse like this, which was nice.

As for eating last night, well…I also did real well!! Haha Had you thinking I was a weakling, huh? The party menu was typical house party food.. chips, candy, not so healthy salad, cheesy mac n cheese, chili and cake. I stuck with just the chili for dinner, then two bites of birthday cake an hour later (cake-only because we brought the cake and I wanted to try the cheese cake filling, which was good but so rich!). And I really only ate two bites, I am not a sweets person (thankfully), so my husband finished my piece. I did not eat a thing after 8:30P, just drank the water. Everyone partied with cake, chips, margaritas, beers and wine. It didn’t seem to faze me.

When we got in the car to leave, I noticed I wasn’t tired AND that my jeans weren’t strangling tight, like they normally would fit if I drank or ate without thinking. This made me smile and feel REAL good about this challenge.

Today is a gym rest day, but we are going out all day after my youngest’s CCD class with my sister-in-law and kids. We will be heading to the local amusement park for their Falltime fun- and scary Halloween nighttime festivities. Well, the scary part may be short lived as my oldest daughter is a scaredy cat, and last year freaked out like nothing I had seen before, but my nieces are NOT scared, so we will see how much influence they have on my kids to toughen up. (Or their aunt 😉). I am just hoping to get up over 10K steps walking today, stay warm ..and ride the Da Vinci’s Dream (swings ride) ten times!

Ok well that’s my latest update. Have a great Sunday, everyone! Wish me luck!

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