Day 3- Sober October Journal

Hello my night owls!

Just about to hit the sheets, trying to get better sleep, but wanted to update my blog.

Ok, so I started on Monday, September 30… so here we are on day three.

Today was a pretty great day. Work was high stress per the usual. Ugh, this reorganization is going to be the death of me, but I can’t over-stress over it because it is what it is. Fortunately, the craziest parts of my day didn’t hit until right before noon, which seems to be when everyone needs me these days. Having a breezy morning meant that I was able to walk away from my laptop for minutes here and there. Breaking the sedentariness of a desk job is hard!

After work, I hit the gym …on time! Second day back at the gym, which was my first day working out my bottom half… legs! Legs day has always been fun for me. I like challenging myself with workouts or weights. Today’s workout was great. I took my time stretching, doing some yoga and a few body weight floor exercises. Took the same slower disciplined pace with each machine, too. Without overloading myself off the bat with the amount of weight, I opted to go mid- range, lighter than I used to, but upping the reps per set and taking a good second pause between each rep. The burn was felt, my friends, and my bottom half of me, especially my quads, will hate me tomorrow night and Friday… when I will be going back to workout my whole body again.

Right now, I am settling into bed with a much needed hot tea. Weather is getting cooler in Boston, which I DISLIKE, but Eh, I live here. Have not eaten since dinner, which ended at 7:15PMish. So I am fasting till tomorrow late morning. Still haven’t eaten any junk nor have I had a drop of wine or a cocktail since starting Monday! And, I actually don’t care as much as I thought I would by now. Even with all this stress going on at work, I am pretty happy eating dinner with a sparkling water or tea, or both!

OK, I am starting to feel sleepy. Tomorrow is a rest day, but if my day lends to taking off for the treadmill I will go!

Wish me luck! 🙂 Goodnight.

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