Day 1- Sober October Journal

To get some of you up to speed: Yesterday, I started Sober October! 

Hello Everyone!

After I published my blog yesterday, with my hand on the door to leave for the gym, work happened! I got a rush of messages and calls that I had to put out a few ‘fires’ and prep for a meeting today. Erg. We are going through details of a major reorganization. Which sucks. But anyway! This interruption meant that I got to the gym later than I had hoped, but I WENT! I was not going to talk myself out of going because of the time. I really was looking forward to getting back there to start.

I went to the gym with a plan to start working my upper body, then my next gym day working on the bottom half. As I mentioned yesterday, my hiatus from the gym was almost this whole year (aside from a few times).  I was pretty nervous walking in the door last night. In a good way, if that makes sense.  Being away from the gym this long has left me surprisingly weak. I was struggling through a few curls. Especially, with my left biceps. It was as useless as a broken arm. Which deflated my ego, but I didn’t let that get the best of me. I shut that feeling down quickly, put the weights down after I could not lift any more. Changed gears realizing that I now had to start almost from scratch.

I am ok with starting from the bottom again. I really am. I think my muscles will remember what they’re supposed to do and give it hell once again! Or I hope. But overall, even with this biceps muscles weird shift, my first day back was great!

After my workout I jetted home to make dinner. My husband grabbed fresh fish from the market (nearby) that I had asked to buy. I made roasted haddock- olive oil, lemon, capers, sage and a dusting of panko crumbs- with a side of roasted butternut squash sprinkled with cinnamon, nutmeg and olive oil. No wine, just sparkling water. Everything portioned out, and I ate consciously slow, stopping before becoming full. Something I always forget. Everything was light and amazingly good! Eating fresh and healthy is the easy part for me. I grew up eating the Mediterranean way, the Sicilian way, and I continue with my traditions of cooking that way. And, cooking is my strongest talent, but so is eating it.. hahaha. Portion is something I need to keep my eyes on.

I tried to go to bed at a decent hour, that is also part of my challenge, to get enough sleep.  But, well, I am a night owl. I had to catch up on 90 Day Fiance! Which is a train wreck you can’t walk away from.  BTW, what the hell is up with Darcy and her twin sister? and Ceasar!? Holy sad group o’people!!  😛

So that was my first day!!  

Feeling really good with this Sober October beginning.  I was sort of worried I would let myself down, somehow, but here I am today, at almost 4PM, feeling positive with all that I am doing.  Delayed onset muscle soreness is starting to set in but I am one of those weirdoes who likes that sore feeling.  It’s like a badge of pain for a kick ass workout!!

Tomorrow is abs and legs day at the gym!  YEEE!!  Wish me luck!

Ciao ciao until my next update!

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