A week in at the gym!




Hey Everyone,

Quick week update.

Workout update:  Since my last post, I have been mentally psyched up, feeling great about going to the gym and have been enjoying my time working out. I have been 4 times and will be back tomorrow  mid-morning.  Then I will do some intense stretches my massage therapist recommended on Saturday morning.

I am aiming for a normal routine schedule of Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri.  I have been on the treadmill for 30-35 minutes followed by 30 minutes in the circuit machine room.  I have alternated days working a part of my body on the machines so I don’t over stress myself.  My idea is hit the cardio then thirty minutes dedicated to upper body and legs the first day, second day working only on legs, the third day on abs, and then back to upper body on the last day.  This way I can get used to strengthening these parts of my body more often than I had before, and am ready to step right into the trainer’s worksheet.

Right now, I am feeling the burn in my upper thighs and abs pretty hard, but it is not bad at all. It’s like a reminder of what I wasn’t using before and NEED TO. I had insane arm burn Monday and Tuesday, but I pushed myself too hard Saturday, unfortunately, but I was too happy getting my groove back to realize.  I have decided to get on this schedule for the next two weeks getting myself back into the swing of things before working on the trainer’s work sheet.  I am not sure he knows this timeframe, but we spoke today touching upon a few things before we really start. We are ready to start but we haven’t actually said when.

Like I mentioned before, he sent me a sheet to start looking at with 2 weeks full of core exercises to do at home on top of what I am doing at the gym.  For me it’s like hieroglyphs I don’t quite get, and I really need his help deciphering, which he will do.  It’s going to be a lot of high result / low impact core work.  He talked about a lot of strengthening things today that I never thought about before, which I ended up taking with me to the gym after we spoke.  I felt like today’s workout was very different because what he talked about.  I took each movement with such thought.

This will be a great match, I can tell already.  He seems to give me that older sibling pushy type of feeling that I drive off of being the baby of my own family.  I was so nervous about us working out before, but after today, I am REALLY happy stepping forward in the body shredding department!

This girl’s body is going to look SICK!!  ha 


Health update:  I have been trying to stretch my lower back and keeping the heating pad on it as much as I can.  It seems to be working, because my sciatica seems to be doing a whole lot better than before.  Stretching has been helping me not only keep that loose, but it’s helping me keep everywhere loose.  I am feeling pretty great.


Product update: Finally received that Amazon order of the physio ball and three strength resistance bands this past Wednesday.  Super stoked about these, because without them my trainer’s portion would be delayed further!  These are the items he recommended:



I still however haven’t purchased that cocoa butter, yet.  With my free time spent at the gym, I have been neglecting my part time job of shopping, but I have a plan to hit up Target Sunday.  I wonder if that stuff comes in an unscented formula?

So, I did not have a lot of decent workout clothes to start back, so since my last post, I ordered a black compression hoodie from the Gap and a cute pair of black and grey skirted leggings from Zulily.  These are going to be great pieces for Spring.  I threw some of my favorite tanks from last year to the workout gear, along with some of my beat sweatshirts.  I need to grab a new sports bra, though, because one of the two I bought was not supportive enough for me. And this girl’s tatas aren’t going to be jiggling like that in front of anyone but her husband. lol So, if any of you have recommendations message me!  I am thinking to try Victoria Secret’s brand new one; has an underwire underneath.  My sneakers still feel great, but need to snag a few new pairs of workout socks this weekend.  I don’t know how, but I lose socks all the time!  My dryer is pretty picky, too, cause it only takes mine!

Well, that’s my update for now.  I am going to make some tea then get that heating pad on my abs! 🙂



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