Holy Strep!

Hey Everyone!!

What a major setback since my last post!!  

Here’s why I have been MIA.  Well, I was literally MIA!

I had such a great day that Thursday, when I last posted.  Great work day.  Great gym session. Though I was exhausted more than normal. Great dinner with my family. Then that night I blogged. As I mentioned I grabbed a hot tea, started snuggling with my love then I felt weird. My body immediately got chilly and achey, and the world was spinning in my mind.  So I decided to hit the sack early, with my heating pad on my abs!

I passed out in minutes, only to not get out of bed till well, basically, today!!!!  Yes!! I have been in bed for six days!!  I ended up sick with strep throat though I swore it started like a flu.   I have never had strep throat knock me out for this many days or at the intensity like it came on either.

It was frightening how out of control my body was through this.All I could do was sleep it off between drinks of water and medicine.  Thankfully, I got on a prescription Saturday morning, once I realized it wasn’t the flu, and tried my best to keep the pain/fever at bay with ibuprofen and stay healthy by drinking water as much as I could tolerate.  Though I am sure there is some dehydration because I couldn’t just swallow or get anything down easily, but I muscled through the pains until yesterday, when skim milk felt like the perfect elixir!

Today I feel like a human again, though my throat still feels like a ton of razors when I breathe, swallow, cough, yawn, walk, talk, sit, think, smile..live. And my ears are just painful enough to tolerate.  lol  Ok I am being sarcastic but what a world of difference a few days make!

This did put a big kink in my fitness start, but once I am at 100% I am back on track!!  It’s been on my mind during my few awake hours this week, and I am hoping to be back by Saturday morning..really hoping!!

So, here’s to a new beautiful sunny day where I can tolerate swallowing and talking!

Talk to you soon when I have more fitness updates!


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