Feeling the 1st Burn!

Hey Everyone!

Well, I have lost faith in Mother Nature because IT IS FRIGGIN SNOWING OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW!!!!  Wth!!?? Like a full on storm with wind! Isn’t Spring in 7 days?!

Well, anyway.

Just updating on my first unofficial day back at the gym.  It wasn’t my plan to start working out this Saturday, but I couldn’t sign up to not start right away!  I am impatient like that; I should mention that about myself. So, yes! I checked out the gym in the late morning, and had a real fun time working out.

I forgot how much I missed having this workout time for myself.  

I was there for about an hour and five minutes, which I thought was a decent start since I have been doing some workouts at home.  I started on the treadmill, and forgive my non-workout jargon, for 35 minutes at a speed of 3.5-4MPH, and alternating inclines between 2-5 (alternating up/down every five minutes).  I like to work up heat/sweat by brisk walking up hills, unfortunately, on a flat surface doesn’t do it for me yet.  And I have not started on my challenge to jog.  I know that sounds so silly, that I don’t jog, but I just don’t and have to get over that mental hurdle.  That’s part of my challenge with the trainer.  It’s going to be a huge hurdle!!

Then after that treadmill fun, I used their 30 minute circuit area.  It was great, and easy to go through each machine.  I worked up a great sweat there, and I love weight training.  I miss my ‘muscles’!  They had all the machines I like, but I have to get used to that idea of being on/off a machine when the timed light changes, but, since that area was not busy, I was able to stop/start/continue using the machines all at my leisure.  We shall see when it’s busier.

And, I got to use some of my new workout gear for the first time- cross training sneakers, yoga pants, sports bra (first one I have ever owned!) and iphone holder.  Loved my new yoga pants, AND, sneakers.  I didn’t even think about them being new because they felt like second skin. So glad I decided to get them.

Great first experience!, and, I am hurting a bit today, which I LIKE!  I love feeling the muscles that I used!

This new journey is going to be a good time I can just tell.  🙂

Today, super unfortunate, I am home with a sick child.  She caught this from her baby sister who was out for most of last week.  Sad we missed out on her religious ed class and a family birthday party, but her health and comfort is important.  She needs to rest so she can get back to school tomorrow.  She has already freaked out on missing a day, she is real into perfect attendance.

Tomorrow is back to my gym time, starting my week off right!  Gotta try their 12 minute ab circuit area!!  🙂

Take care all!

Aannnd as I wrote this to you, I swear it snowed a few inches!  Ugh, let’s hope this melts quick along with the other few feet still surrounding the city!


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