Cocoa Butter and Heating Pads..This girl is a Party Animal.

Hey Everyone!

Well, today felt like a perfect Spring day, didn’t it?  I am hoping this bright, warm day was a small taste of the early Spring we so rightfully deserve! (A girl can dream can’t she?)

Since my last post.  

Yesterday morning was my daughter’s big eminent person report, and my husband left for NYC right after it was over. He has the camera with the memory card.  The memory card that has all the cute pictures of that morning’s activities on it!  He just landed so I will make sure he doesn’t take it to work tomorrow!  Her project was such a great experience for her and for us, and I am real proud of her work.  She did so well, actually, the whole class did an amazing job.  What a cute, and smart, group of children.

The Gym:  Also, yesterday, I stopped into that local gym after work and took a tour. The people who work there seemed super nice.  The place was clean and didn’t smell awful (major plus!). They had a few unexpected amenities like a water jet massage bed, full body massage chairs, tanning, etc.. I really liked how they had special rooms for timed machine workouts, like 12 minute abs and upper body circuit machines for 30.  Actually, I liked that a whole lot.  I would rate it as an overall nice gym, with a lot of up to date/new treadmills and weight machines, very colorful and cheery in person, and the feel I was looking for; namely it isn’t a gym for steroid freaks.  hah

I haven’t signed up as a member though, not a bummer, just putting it on a quick hold.  They just ended up having two more options that my husband thinks competes with another gym I was looking into that may some deemed as a nicer gym.  So I might as well stop by for an in person comparison. This other gym, however, was not my first choice because it is not as close to my house.  It’s an extra fifteen minutes away without traffic, though it is a stop along my drive home after work…and there’s a Starbucks very close (which is essential right?).  That was my one and only gripe with this second gym, the distance. So, I am going to try to swing by tomorrow during work for a tour, or at least to see what it’s all about.  If this place doesn’t work out then I will go right online afterward to sign up for the first gym.

The Trainer: When I last wrote, he and I talked that he was on board.  Yesterday morning, he reached out to me first thing.  We talked about what we will start working on and left it that he would have the week one’s plan to me by last night, with the tag “hopefully”. No word from him as of yet.  I do still need to have that gym secured and those few things from Amazon show up, so I am sure he will get it all to me in time. The one thing he mentioned I need to purchase is a cocoa butter stick. Yuk really.

This thought repulses me, because I like my perfumed lotion. It makes me happy.  It’s feminine.  It feels great on my skin. Cocoa butter smells awful to me, feels like crisco and makes me sad. hah  But, in order to get my body rocking back on track, I need it to help erase some stretch marks, or lessen them at least…and evidently feel tacky and smell gross in the process.  Ahhh.. no I am just kidding.

Ugh that smell!  But it’s on my list!

My Health: Speaking of back on track.. my sciatica!  I am so so happy at this moment. Yesterday morning was tough for my back at my daughters school. What a bad start.  I felt so bad, but had to smile through and talk shop with parents the whole time. After work I stretched as much as I could, then used that heating pad off and on till I fell asleep.  I woke up this morning with that pain significantly lessened!  I felt so great all day today, even into tonight, when I would normally feel my nerves bother me while making dinner.  Could this be the start of it going away?!  Will I be able to stand for hours or jump on the trampoline with my kids again!?!? My God I really hope so.

Well, I should get going, the heating pad is calling my name.

Take care and stay tuned!


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