Back to Basics

Hey Everyone!

Well, I am so excited to blast out about my next big challenge..  I am getting back to basics with getting fit.

Yes!  I’m back baby!!  

I had taken a hiatus from the weight loss and gym scene in October 2013. I know so long ago!

My intent was to learn how to keep maintaining my weight by controlling food portions, making better choices and moving through free form physical activities. I am so glad to share I did real well, and that it was hard, and no part was without faltering, but I did it, even with ups and downs. Unfortunately, without routinely weight training or exercising my body, the weight has shifted. My weight stayed the same, but not in the same place.

And I do not like these shifts…  

On top of the unwanted shifts in my body, I started having issues with my sciatica. I had a nasty fall last February on the ice, not sure if you guys remember when I shared that last year, but I think that affected me more than I realized.  Last Summer it started to annoy me off and on, then about a month ago it was a daily issue.    

Also, I want to do this new fitness goal for my mind.  I feel like I need to get back into that routine not just for my body.  The way my body transformed from the start in September 2009 to now has been amazing, and for the first time in my life through these six years, I like my body. I like me, really I do, and that was a big thing to discover. I never gave it, myself or my body, much thought like I did over that span. I was always giving my energy to others, neglecting myself…to the point that I lost myself and I thought it was normal to do that. It wasn’t. And I feel that creeping back up not being in a routine working out. 

Throughout this I will be sharing it all; my true emotions, challenges, schedules, accomplishments and failures, equipment I buy, the gym I will join, the work out gear, pics…anything I feel is important or worth a share, you name it!!  I want to let it out so I can keep motivated or help someone just like me out there feel they’re not alone!

Cause even right now, just taking the mental leap feels lonely, albeit exciting!!

Let me start with my excitement and fears.  

So, I shocked myself by taking up an offer from a ‘trainer’ on a whim. YES, ME!!  He and I got to talking about things, one that he was a fitness nut/had trained people, and one thing said here to another, and boom he offered to help me. I resisted at first, cause I am not one of those people who ever thought of having anyone help. He is not affiliated with a gym or anything, so I didn’t think of it being a thing he’d offer while we were chatting.  At the moment, he hasn’t done much but talk to me, like psych me up, and he is helping me for nothing to start. I know, sounds sketchy, but he has said a lot that is fun and exciting for me at this point, or has he been anything but that person psyching me up. He isn’t charging me for now cause, as he put it, ‘I am new and it doesn’t feel like work …yet.’.

I think I am like his charity case. hah

He is starting by putting a plan together that I can start from home, to ease me back into it. I had started upper body (arms and shoulder) workouts at home already before he offered anything, so this would help go with what I like to do and have been doing, his words.  Just not sure when this will be because he has a full time job unrelated to fitness and I haven’t seen anything come to my inbox since he offered and sent me links to some equipment two weeks ago, but this morning he assured me he was on board after I shared all I had done this weekend.  (ugh I hope this isn’t a set up for being a let down later!)

This is when my fear kicked in. I have only been accountable for my physical being to myself. When I lost all that weight from before, I did it for myself because I was finally able…but, I could only let myself down.  I complained to no one. I showed only happiness even if I was going through hell. I worked out or didn’t when I felt like it. No one had ever taken an interest in me being successful who wasn’t my husband or children. So this is going to be new. That is a very big fear to cope with, letting a stranger influence me to strive harder …and possibly me not making it. Or new fear today,  him backing out.  But, I am already motivated, so as I feel, with or without him, I am doing this!

I have to!

My steps so far:

– A few days after Valentine’s Day, I started using my free weights for upper arm and shoulder training.  Started stretching and getting my head back into this world again.

– Have been on Pinterest to check out stretch ideas, workout positions and to keep motivated. It’s actually a real great tool, so if this trainer/coach bunks out, well I will have Pinterest as my new one! Here’s my workout board.

-On February 27, the trainer had sent me links to a physio ball and three resistance bands that I bought late Sunday night on Amazon.  Once I receive them I will post them.

-Saturday, I met with my massage therapist to help me with my sciatica issues (weird nagging nerve pain radiating in my lower back down to my leg, that I couldn’t tolerate exercising).  She is amazing, but I am a giant mess with nerve and tightness.  She did an absolute amazing job.  It seems a lot better, but a dull pain is still there.  I had used a heating pad for the first time in my life last night, and I woke up happy today with less pain.  I will stretch before bed and use it again.

-Sunday morning, I got new sneaks, workout pants and a new iphone armband at the New Balance store.  They were having an insane deal with the whole store 40% off! So I scored!  Hooked up my two little girls with new sneakers, too!  🙂  (I love shopping; too bad THAT isn’t a sport!)

— I own two sets of free weights, 5lbs and 10lbs, and an old recumbent bike. By tomorrow, after my oldest daughter’s eminent person report, if there is time before work, or after work, I will swing by the gym near my house that I think will fit me best.  If I love it, I will sign up.  If not, I will go to the other one I wanted to check out.  So, add all this together with the new equipment coming, I will be in great shape for a fresh start to sweating my ass off and feeling great again!

Just a FYI, her eminent person is JK Rowling!  It is going to be so awesome and I can’t wait to share that tomorrow!

Let the fun begin!


2 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Good for you, Valeria! You’re doing what many of us would love to do. Looking forward to following your progress and seeing great results!

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