Anyone Else Afraid of Gaining Weight at Disney?

Hey All!

I haven’t blogged about my weight loss adventure in a long time, because due to all the hectic things going on in my house, I have given it a rest.  Well, sort of, just not blogged about it.

As of where I left off with my blog about my weigh ins, October 17, I decided to try my best at maintaining that new weight, and guess what?  I have, and actually, am down another 2lbs! I am officially staying in that weight bracket now! Which is a super shock to me. This means since my weight loss challenge this Summer, I am down a total of 19 lbs.  This weight loss was the most visible by me, and others, too.  I got told a lot how great I looked and asked if I was losing weight often.  I guess my face changed a lot this Summer, cause that was the biggest compliment of all.  Finally down to one chin! ;P

Which also means, since 2010, when I started gearing my head in this losing game I have lost 66.5 lbs!!!! (actually more cause I yo-yo’d a tiny bit between)  Wow, doesn’t seem like I was THAT much heavier, but holy moly I guess I was!

Now, here is my real issue with all this good positive weight loss.  As most of you guys know, we are taking the girls to Disney World in 2014, and I am frightened.

YES. FRIGTHENED! About gaining weight that I don’t want to gain!

Disney World is a glutton’s paradise!   I know I have been on a good path this year keeping tabs on my diet and consumption.. and portion control! But being at Disney has been a fear of mine, my waistband, since we left there last time.  I came back from that 8 day trip with a hefty number on the scale that was so disappointing.  So, when I say frightened, I am saying I am petrified thinking of being there for 11 days..without a scale.  Yes, I know I can go to the gym and I’ll be running around all day, but it’s the calorie consumption that I am fearing.

You know what’s going to happen after the first night there, right? I’ll keep myself in control, then while I am sleeping ‘Vacation Valeria’ will show up. Everyone loves her.  She loves to be on vacation! And, boy does she LOVE to pig out and drink! Without realizing it she’ll be snacking on tacos, slurping slushes, chugging frozen margaritas, Dole whipping, picking at pretzels, sampling wine, and shoving Mickey Bars into her mouth every hour!!  lol  She is so much fun, but she throws diet caution to the wind!

Ok, I am exaggerating, but that’s what Disney feels like to me by the time we leave.  Like a whirlwind of eating all day long!  I said that in my dining plan post, that it felt like we were eating for the sake of our children and the plan.  Which this time we are going to skip it for half the time, to see if eating on our own without reservations or obligations will make it better on us.

I feel better posting about my fear now.  I do sound crazy about gaining weight, but I have been working so hard every day to not be that person.  Not Vacation Valeria, but Unhappy Chubby Valeria.  She sucks, and brings everyone down.

Have a fantastic week everyone!


P.S.  Does it make me neurotic to bring a scale with me to the resorts?

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