DIY- Disney Mickey Mouse Head Button T-shirt

The big Disney trip reveal is only 15 days away!
(and the best day of the year is only 4 ! heh)

Found this DIY shirt on pinterest a few months back, and have been itching at giving it a try.
What you’ll need:
plain t-shirt
buttons, at least 40 buttons
a Mickey Mouse head image printed on a piece of paper
craft glue (water soluble)
needle and a thread that matches the buttons

Shown here are two t-shirts I had made for both my children today; purple for my oldest and pink for my youngest. I will probably also make one for me from an old t-shirt I have using white/mother of pearl buttons, but I won’t have time till after the New Year.


Map out the buttons over the printed Mickey head image making sure you have the right sizing and pattern.
Carefully move the buttons aside in order. Then run a thin bead of craft glue over the image.
Center the image upside down over the t-shirt and place on. Leaving the glued impression of the Mickey head. Don’t make the glue line too thick, or as it dries the needle won’t be easy to push through the glued material.
Line up the buttons over the glue image as you had it lined up before. Let dry for a few minutes.
Now you are ready to sew the buttons to the top. Pass the thread through each hole the same number of times for each button, so the thread is uniform.
Up close.
Done! Any visible glue will come out in the wash and all that is left are the cute buttons! 🙂 I can’t wait to make mine!
20131210-154225.jpg Here are the pictures of the pink button t-shirt in the making.
Done! Two cute DIY Mickey Mouse head t-shirts for two cute girls to wear during their big Disney trip!

UPDATE: 02-14-2014- 

The Mickey Head T-shirts were a huge success! 

We just returned from Disney, and the girls loved wearing the Mickey Head t-shirts, just as much as the crowds at the park.  I got asked at least every ten minutes where we got them, and I was so proud to say Mrs. Claus ;).

Here are a couple of shots of them in their tees, and one with me in the one I made for myself. 

Riding the tea cups! Weeeeeeeeeee!

I own a million tank tops …and buttons.  For this, I chose a tank that was fairly new, bright, and that I didn’t mind having the buttons sewed onto.  Also, a tank I’d not miss wearing so often (for just when we go to Disney).   Hope you try making these! Happy Sewing!


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