Weighing In! #12

Hey Everyone!

Thought to post an update on what has been going on in my life since my last post. It has been a while, but I have been without an opportunity to sit here to write!

In the weight loss department. I have been feeling amazing. Which is all I can ask fir really. The scale and I have been bffs, cause I have been maintaining weight this whole time. I have been trying my best to be aware of swapping out indulgences for real food. Like eating a lean salad instead of a burger or making broiled fish instead of lasagna. I did choose wine over food a few times, though, and Friday night we went to the Beck show at the Pavillion and I splurged on fried food and wine at Remy’s..but. I was out and we were hanging out deck side on a warm night, so how could I not?! But I didn’t finish my meal, and ended up dancing like a geek all night at the show..burning off the calories ya see?

I have noticed that even though I have been maintaining over the past few i feel good about myself! I can see and feel my waist showing better, and, my face is still minus the double chin. (Which I hate the most!) I saw myself in a reflection out shopping this morning. I was wearing a real fitted purple vneck top and my favorite Gap jeans, and was like..”hey! I’m looking pretty good!” Which is not what I usually think when I see my reflection. This means either I am really changing or I am starting to become happy with my body again…or complacent. Lol. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I feel pretty good about what is going on and wanted to toot my horn here.

So, back to now.

Right after my last blog post, I have been on the mend from some minor surgery. Last Monday, I made my third attempt at eradicating a pesky recurrent cyst by visiting a surgeon. Before anyone gets all worried or concerned, it’s a common cyst to have and unfortunately, it’s something genetic in my family, a sebaceous cyst. My grandfather had one in the same spot, and my older sister has had one, too. And, yes, this is my third attempt at getting rid of it. Which is why I went to a surgeon this time. This cyst apparently loves me, or, it keeps coming back because it wants to be a jerk. Every time I get it removed it pops right back up IN THE SAME SPOT. OYE.

The first time I got it removed, it was 1999, and was removed fairly quick at a dermatologists office. I was psyched when it was removed, because it was just a little nuisance from as far back as I could remember, but no one could see it and I rarely felt it. Only felt it when I’d comb my hair. BUT. Just as quickly as it was removed it came back. Literally, a few months later that little bump was back. Then time went on, and it wasn’t a bother. BUT THEN. Right after I had my children I got one behind my right ear, too. It was growing rapidly and made wearing glasses a chore. So, in 2008, with the one already cozy, and becoming a big jerk, I decided to get them both removed at a different dermatologist. And, I wouldn’t complain normally, but this bump is right on the anterior of my forehead/hairline and at that time, in 2008, it was slightly bigger than before and feeling it often. Partial success! The one behind my ear was removed, with a touch of pain, but it never came back. Not so lucky with the one on my hairline. That jerk came back within a WEEK! And again, I wouldn’t normally complain, but this sucker was a jerk all the time. I figured there was a smaller one underneath the one being removed, which is why it would pop up so quickly. But, it wasn’t the case.

On top of it being ugly to see while moving my hair, it would throb, and, have slight pain. Which I never really experienced before, so it concerned me, and figured to not see a dermatologist. So off to the surgeon I went Monday.

The experience was exactly the same as before with the dermatologists, except the procedure was more of a minor surgical procedure than before. Lots of iodine. The scalpel was sort of scary to look at, because it was bigger than I remembered. I was given a lot of local anesthesia, which the two times before I was given a few shots of it and all was a go. This time I had to have her use more after her incision because the amount wasn’t enough. I was given a few stitches at the end, and they had to remove some of the hair surrounding it. Which is a major bummer, but I have been savvy styling my hair with a baby ponytail so you can’t see it. Also, luckily, they used blue thread on the stitches so it matches that part of my bangs.

The surgeon experience was great, though, overall. Nice doctor, and staff. Whom I’ll see again in a week for the stitches to be removed. She did assure me that all was removed, and showed it to me. I was shocked when I saw it. It was pretty big this time! Egad! There wasn’t another underneath, so, I am hoping this sucker was removed and nothing will come back in its place. She couldn’t guarantee it won’t come back again, but. IDK. I’m just happy to have different pain there. It is achy, especially when I touch it. Cause of course, I have to keep touching the stitches. It’s sort of cool to feel that spiny thread and see it. heh. But to not have that unsightly bump and no issues, it’s worth it!

It’s been a fun week, even with this booboo on my noggin. My girls have been overly compassionate and sweet since this all happened. Which is a plus! And, though I have been advised to not swim in a pool or the ocean for a while, which I am totally fine with-as most of you know why! This weekend is definitely for the beach bum in me! Weather looks amazing. The Mr is not working. And this girl has to finish working on her ‘tan’ before the Summer ends!

Ok, I gotta get shaking! Love you guys! Thanks for reading!


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