Should I Start a Kitchen Fundraiser?

Hi All!

Can you believe August is just a few days away?  Me either!  I am so not ready for this Summer to start coming to a close yet. So, I am praying hard for an Indian Summer and some more free time to hit the beaches!!  (Pray with me people! MORE HOT WEATHER!)

Thought to talk a little about what has been weighing on my mind.  Our house renovations.  If you haven’t kept up, we are in the midst of finding a contractor to work with us on a kitchen and guest bathroom renovation.  It’s been tough, but that is because this job is big and a lot needs to be fixed/updated.

We took a ride early Sunday morning to a cabinetry place in NH.  I was so impressed with this location.  My husband had contacted them check in on their cabinet selection and hours of operation. Within seconds of talking, the person invited us up to see their showroom on Sunday, even though they were not technically open. We showed up and they let us have full reign of the space, browsing, pulling out stock and talking for hours. Great experience.  The girls had a blast, too, cause this company was smart! They had a decked out TV room and a fun play room filled with toys. So, needless to say, we got to browse and shop alone!  And. Glad to say that we finally made a step in a direction with our renovations project.  We picked out a cabinet style and two finishes we liked..and counter tops, too.   God I hope this all works out well!! 

Tomorrow night someone from that company is coming by for measurements, design consultation and further pricing. Then right after they leave, another contractor is coming by, contractor #3.  I am looking forward to this meeting, he is a real nice guy, and was the contractor we used on our last humongous construction project in 2007 -the creation and build of new stairs, gutting and rearranging the bedrooms on the second floor. Also, renovating master bathroom, refinishing ceiling and walls in master bedroom and ceilings in living room.  Like I’ve said, I live in a quaint contemporary MONEY PIT. ugh.

Anyone want to contribute to my HOLY SHIT I AM POOR fund?  No?  Damn.

The hunt to find the right contractor at the right price is overwhelming me a little more. The thought of this whole project is, actually. I just want it all to be done!! Here’s our Houzz page or pinterest board of what I like.. now make it happen!  (Did I mention I am a touch like Veruca Salt? 😦 ) So far the two people we have met with have been fine and dandy, knowledgeable and nice, but they seem to have the pricing skewed.   One guy priced out the build without cabinets or appliances included, but $O RIDIC EXPEN$IVE!   And the other guy priced it out without the bathroom tiles included..and OMG! FAQN EXPEN$IVE.  Then we still have to add in the costs to buy appliances, lighting, table and chairs, faucets, bathroom storage, washer and dryer, and accessories!! With my husband sort of this business, we know pricing well, and feel like this job can come in less than the two quotes so far. We have a budget and want to stick to it as close as we can.  If this other gentleman doesn’t work out, then I am fearing we will hold off on this project longer, or snag someone too late with the job going on for weeks in the winter.

Our current kitchen is such an eye sore.  Some cabinets are falling apart. Drawers are not working properly. The faucet’s spray handle is temperamental and the garbage disposal decided to seize. I can hardly fit things anywhere. Since we’ve discussed this updating these past few weeks, our dishwasher has decided to be a jerk and not work right (like it knows we are trying to replace it!) and our brand new fridge’s handle broke off out of no where the other day; which we bought last year after our other new fridge died! My desire for this project is hard pressed since we have been talking about and looking at (and PINNING!) so many new, white, shiny things .  NEW AND SHINY in a kitchen! I want that!!!  My kitchen is so dated, ugly, drab and…brown.

I don’t like brown.

I like shiny.

OK!  Before I start more whining I should get outta here smiling.  Maybe I should weigh myself? ha  NOT BLOODY LIKELY TODAY!
Love you all!


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