Weighing in #7 …and other stuff!

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been MIA! Sorry!

I didn’t realize it has been so long since I’ve last posted on here last.  I guess I’ve just been busy reading my favorite sites, news, blogs and drafting pieces for future posts, that it felt like I was posting, too.   I’ve been MIA from my kitchen too, which stinks, but the nicer weather keeps me out of the house in my yard or in Boston.  But I am sure I’ll get to cooking again real soon!!

Weigh in!!

Idk why I am all exclamation pointing here, cause I haven’t lost or gained anything! It’s not a bummer for me, either.   Cause I’m still down that 10.5 lbs, which is awesome imo.  I have kept weight the whole time! I’ve noticed my body changing and conforming back to the curves I want to see. Odd that I am keeping weight, but I see and fit into my clothes differently. Idk.  My only change these past weeks is I have upped my upper body weight training. I LOVE WEIGHT TRAINING.  So, I feel good in my being at the moment.  I’m at a place where I am literally content with my body.  As I got dressed today, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought..”hey I can probably wear my old green bikini soon..with a sarong!”.. which is better than a few months ago, when I didn’t even want to step in front of a mirror naked.  So, aside from the few issues I see (like my fat butt and thighs, which I’ve had my whole adult life! lol), I’ve gotta swing with this contentment.

And life goes on….

Today, we headed to our daughter’s First Grade musical performance at 9:30AM.  For weeks, we’ve been hearing about this performance and getting notices home for the kids to be dressed a certain way.  Wow. It was so sweet!  The kids did a great job, and I am so proud of my little girl.  She was all a smiles on stage, just like her mum, and didn’t forget one lyric or movement.  She’s the best!
Then after their performance, the parents were able to hang out at recess.  But, my kid, who I realize is Miss Independent, didn’t hang out with us much..she found it more fitting to play tag. It was real fun to watch her on her own, playing and having fun. And kicking their asses running! My God, she didn’t stop for a second!!  She is such a great kid.  It made me feel real good to see her like that.   Right after recess, they had a little Celebration of Writing for the kids back in their homeroom.  We shared a great snack together. Then the kids showed us all their creative writing throughout the year for an hour.  What a big difference in my daughter from September to today!  I couldn’t be prouder.  And I got reminded, through her journal, of all the wonderful memories this year, too.

And I got to see her desk. Which was affirmation that she takes after me more than my husband ..it was NEAT!

Tonight is date night with a twist.  We’ll be hitting up the sushi and a movie at home, but not before I get out for a little girl time.  Which will be fun!  I’ll be picking up my sister to head over to my friend’s first jewelry trunk show! I hope she does real well, cause she is talented and worked real hard for tonight.  She has an Etsy shop, which you should check out for sure- ArtHausStudios.  I’ve mentioned her before. She is a great local artist, and her jewelry is real unique.

Then tomorrow. OMG how I’ve waited for tomorrow.  We got invited to an all day get together to watch Arrested Development off Netflix.  The party was originally set for May 26th, the release date of the Netflix shows, but had to move to tomorrow.  Which means, I haven’t watched a single new episode, and have been steering clear of all media about them.  I’m going batty!  I absolutely love love love love (love) Arrested Development, and like most of us that love the show, have been waiting WAY too long for their wrap up.  Still a show I quote often!  Too Good!  So, I am really looking forward to tomorrow needless to say!!

Ok ok, I gotta jet!  It’s almost parent pick up, and I can’t wait to hear about the rest of my little girls’ day at school.


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