Some songs are just beautifully written, sung and perfect.

Plain and simple, music is subjective, but when a song is done right, it is right. I may not love country music, but some songs are beautiful, and I may listen. When songs strike you a certain way, and resonate, it is that touch I crave in music.

The Airborne Toxic Event’s song, Numb, is one of these songs for me. It is my favorite song they performed live last month at The House of Blues. It is also my favorite song of theirs; another is Innocence. Lyrically powerful, compositionally and vocally sensational. I have always liked this band, their albums are clean and consistent. But seeing them live brought a whole new level of appreciation. Perfect in every way and memorable for life.

Last night on my drive home Numb came on rotation. I blared it; singing along with reckless abandon. And have been singing it since. Woke up today still humming it and belting out the chorus. I love to sing a lot. Too much actually, even if I don’t sing well. Thooooough my oldest daughter has said many times I have a beautiful sound, like Adele..or at least I think she said sound. :/ heeh jk!

Felt I had to share this particular rendition cause it is beautifully done, stripped down and soberingly perfect. Enjoy it.

‘I just want to be numb…’

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