Halloween 2014!

Hey Everyone!

Happy Halloween 2014!  How was yours?

Ours was real great!

Wednesday Night Dance Class

The girls’ class for dance falls on a weekday, which I do not love, but it makes for a fun afternoon after work gossiping with new people.  Their Halloween dress up day was this week, and since their costumes for Halloween, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, were too drapey for class,  I decided to change up their costume to dress up as Minnie Mouse.   It was a great last minute decision and the girls loved it!  And their classmates did too!  I painted their faces in 10 minutes, seriously, and if I can pat myself on the back on this one I will, I think they came out super cute.  All the makeup was done with cosmetics, which is a bonus cause it washes off so easily and there is less of a chance for rashes to develop.


Halloween Night!

The girls were Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter, which so many people recognized..phew.  Their costumes from their birthdays didn’t go to waste.  I was a form of La Muerta (day of the dead, sugar skull) and my husband was painted up as Manolo from the Book of Life, and I love love loved that he dressed up in matching face..something we have never done. Not sure why, but matching costumes has never been his thing.

It was the first time since we moved up North, and since that odd snowstorm on Halloween years ago, that we’ve spent the night trick 0’treating outside our neighborhood, and soooo glad we did.  We got invited to my sister’s house in Reading to go around and let me say that the neighborhood we ended up in was spectacular.  There were so many kids walking around the streets we all flashed back to ET.

I mean, I saw at least 100 kids walking around on one corner…insane!  I was soooo happy! The area was booming with so many families, and it was a lot of fun.  A few houses had haunted happenings, a couple of houses had firepits set up on their front lawns with chairs, and one house had a makeshift bar set up offering ciders..virgin and wicked!  It was so much fun!

There were a lot of times I heard my kids saying it was their favorite Halloween so far…and I have to agree.  The vibe was fun, my costume was appreciated by so many, and the kids behaved amazingly well.  What else can you ask for on a Halloween night?

Overall we had a real great time. We ended up out super late treating..no one got upset at us after 8:30 out and about (inside joke, but last year we got barked at by a Mom cause we were out at 8:15pm!! Andover is lame and that Mom was a big douche.).  The kids got more candy than anyone’s I saw posted online. Pssh, seriously you cannot even compete! Each girl got enough candy to have till next OCTOBER!! We hung out at my sister’s till past midnight and I got to noche on a ton chips and a whole ton of peanut butter candies since my kids can’t eat them.  <– that is what makes for an awesome Halloween in my book.  🙂  Oh and wine.

Here are some pics I took to share.


My costume might be my favorite I’ve ever put together..even more than my Geisha and Roller Derby Girl, Valeria Hurtanelli!  I thought of the day of the dead idea a week ago, then after seeing the Book of Life definitely thought to try it out.  I took time making my head piece from any finds I could to make this on the cheap, too.  I bought a pack of dollar store headbands.  I glued on a child’s sized veil cape I happened to find at Michael’s for a buck to one of the headbands. Then glued on red roses (the most expensive part) and a few plastic skulls..then coiffed up my hair around my already existing colorful flower hair pins to create a pretty rad hair style for the costume!  My face was all painted up with cosmetics as well, and I LOVED how colorful it was in person.  I was very glittery in person like sugar, but I didn’t want to white out my face (I am not a fan of scary things).  I wore my palest foundation then dusted a sheer shimmery eyeshadow all over.  I highlighted in a shimmery purple along my cheeks and created a skeleton silhouette on my chest.  My eyes were done in a shimmery aqua, then lined in black eyeliner which I adorned with red lip liner and gloss. My mouth was paled out with nude lipstick that I highlighted with aqua, and the web was also highlighted with the aqua then lined. I wore a long dark blue strapless maxi dress with a colorful velvet burn-out cape I already owned that was very reminiscent of a Mexican traditional shoulder cover.  Lucky I had bought that years ago cause it was perfect for the look!  (sometimes regretful buys turn out to work!)

Well, that is all I got!  I had a great time, and today we attended a birthday party with a Halloween theme celebrating three cute family friends’ kids!  Anddd the weekend isn’t over yet, my dad’s birthday party is tomorrow. The big 75!  🙂 such a great weekend!!

And, I am now officially tuckered out and will be happy to make a cup of tea to relax the night away.  Manolo is waiting.  🙂

Hope you all had an amazing holiday!!  I love seeing the pictures so far online, but I hope to see more and more photos posted on FB and InstaGram, cause I just love this holiday!


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