Halloween 2021

Hey everyone!

Hope you are having a great fall time Saturday. It is a brisk start up in MA, but the sun is shining bright. I just returned from my pre-op Covid19 test and have to quarantine till the surgery. Fun times. (I’m secretly excited for this weekend.) And- My husband just took our youngest daughter to ComicCon in RI to meet her favorite pop culture celebrities, and our oldest is off to the mall with friends, so I am here with all the time in the world to update you on Halloween. I know you’re excited.

So let’s get to it.

This Halloween brought with it a lot of fun. Which makes this Halloween Queen happy.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. There’s creative cosplay. There’s spookiness and anticipation in the air. Lit Jack O’lanterns. Everyone can participate. There’s candy. It’s just all around fun.

This year our daughters were 14 & 16 years old. So I wasn’t sure how the night was going to play out. Of course there’d be costumes and friends but I wasn’t sure if there’d be Trick O’treating or what. I offered up our house to my oldest daughter and her three closest friends to hang out, our youngest caught wind of plans and jumped in. She asked for her three besties to go out to get candy then end up at our house. Ok, eight kids, on a school night, I can definitely handle that.

Well, my friends. What was a plan for 8 kids spun each day with my daughter asking if more kids could join. Literally, every day it was just ‘one more friend’. Well, the number of guests ballooned to 25 kids! So now I was throwing a party instead of a casual do what you like night. Ok, my husband wasn’t thrilled that I kept saying yes, but he’s nothing like me in agreeability. I was excited to put this together for her. Entertaining is my middle name and it would be sweet. And it was.

The party started at 4:30pmish. Right before the town’s Trick O’treating started and before it got dark. I decked out the backyard with black and white lace Victorian style table cloths, scattered bright red glass beads that looked like blood on top, topped a few candles with webs and spiders..done. It looked so spooky! Especially at night. Though the candles moved around so no one would burn themselves. We had fun Halloween treats and drinks. Everyone arrived all dressed up. The group was split into two. One crew was from Scooby Doo and the other Super Mario Bros. It was great.

All of the kids took a spooky walk while my husband grabbed pizza. I handed out candy to the neighborhood kids, and straightened up. Our youngest ran in and out dropping off candy then running back out. A couple of our own friends even showed up for drinks, too!

The night was a hit! Everyone left happy and late.

I dressed up of course, it’s my holiday!

Halloween part two: We got invited to a party that was delayed to last night due to the weather. It was thrown by new to us friends, parents if our kids friends from our town, and we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Our whole family was invited, but our youngest decided to stay home. She wanted to draw all the celebrities she was planning to meet today, for autographs. She’s so cute.

The party was outdoors, and the night was chilly, so we were so happy to see fire pits and large outdoor heaters. A ton of people showed up. A lot of the kids that came over for Halloween night were there, too. Got to meet their parents which was nice. They had two bands perform, an 80’s cover band and the kids from my daughter’s group have a rock band. Who did real well. They covered some songs and played one of their own. Super talented.

There were many creative costumes too. Let me think, Ted Lasso, Obiwan Kenobi, a boxed WFH Barbie, a bottle of beer, Slash, skeletons, Sumo wrestlers, Freddy Kreuger, witches, things I couldn’t figure out…just such funny faces. I dressed up as a fortune teller holding her crystal ball. I was going to be a fortune teller machine.. like from an amusement park, but I just had so much going on these few weeks that I couldn’t make the exterior. My husband dressed up as Walt Disney, which looked great. Though all of our daughter’s friends kept saying he was even more intimidating in a suit. They’re so afraid of him, it’s hilarious. He is such a gentle giant. But…😂 I like that boys are scared of him. Jussayin!

It was a super fun night. I’m so thankful that we made friends with more great people from our town.

That’s our Halloween!

Thank you for reading along, guys. I always appreciate the support. My next post should be later in the week… Surgery is set for Monday, so eek!

til next time, guys, keep smiling! xoxo

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