Wheel-y Fun Pottery Classes

Ok, that post title…lmk if I pulled it off at the end, ok? 😂

Hey Guys!! Hope you are doing well. It’s May, which means Summer is not too far away!

It also means prom season! This Saturday is the big day for my oldest, she is a junior and they only have a junior prom. It’s going to a big day here! Im helping to do her friends’ makeup and entertain. Entertain? Well, who is the crazy mom who said she would like to be the last stop for the kids so she could get all the kids together for pictures? ME. And..How many kids is my daughter having together in the PARTY BUS we rented? A party bus 🤦🏻‍♀️. EIGHTEEN! And who said ‘oh guys have your family come over to enjoy all the picture taking too’? ME! 😂 I’m planning a small party now. Ohmygod there’s going to be so many ppl here. Jesus help me!

It’s actually a joy. I’m just freaking out. But I’ll post about that event next week. Let’s focus on today. I am so excited to share my pottery class from over the past two weeks!

Last week, I had the opportunity to try out griffin grips on two bowls. They are a three pronged grip that snaps close together to hold a bone dry piece firmly in place to trim or glaze. It really helped me to hold my bone dry bowls. It was a bit tricky at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. Still need more time with the grips though.

I need like eight hour classes not two!

Unfortunately, I ended up chipping one of my bowls, from holding it tight while sanding it. Instead of getting discouraged and tossing it in the mud recycle bucket, I decided to turn my mistake into something functional. A dip bowl to use with a spoon. It’s a pretty big chip so it seemed logical. On top of this mishap, the plate that I made three weeks ago started to fracture after the first layer of underglaze. The class assistants said it could be saved during firing but it didn’t make the run in the kiln last weekend. So it’s waiting for this week. Crossing fingers!!

This week, I showed up about forty minutes early- so before class started, I clear glazed that chipped bowl from last week. Then I had time to try my hand at more handwork. So, one thing I suck at most is pinch pots, they always get too thin or just look crude like cavemen made it. Last night though, it was like I was in a trance as I grabbed a small ball of clay with a rib n water, because I ended up making a great bowl!! And a spoon!

Then class started. We learned how to make glaze and slip patterned transfers. This was such a cool technique! I decided to make a hand-drawn moon and sun design, but stencils were available. I just didn’t see a pattern I liked, so to the internets for an idea I went.

Making that stencil was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see how my bowl turns out. I need to finish the faces next week with some glaze pencils.

Oh yah, my chip and dip bowl came home last night! What y’all think? My kids loved it, and asked to use it tonight, which was sweet. My husband still hasn’t seen it in person, but he liked it in a picture this morning.

Ok well, yours truly has work to do and has to go-of course. Hope you guys have a great week ahead! Thanks for stopping by.

till next post xo

6 thoughts on “Wheel-y Fun Pottery Classes

  1. I like your title and pottery, Valeria! I hope your daughter has a wonderful time at Prom. That was long ago for yours truly! 😂❤️

      1. I can’t give you an answer because it was long ago, sorry! An Enchantment Under The Sea dance would be very 1980s! 😂❤️

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