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Hey WordPress 👋🏻

How’s everyone doing? I hope well. I’m doing pretty good myself. I’m currently working while I juggle some holiday things. This means …that I am typing this …as well as wrapping gifts …as I am also listening to a training for our new incidents database. I am a perpetual multitasker. Idk if I can do just one thing at a time.

Anywho! I had a very nice week since we last caught up. Very relaxing and wonderful. So let’s get into it!

Girls night in

I had a whole fun night, last Friday, for me and my youngest daughter. But in the end, she chose to have a ‘girls night in’ with me. 😊 My husband was working super late and our oldest was running movie night at school, she is on the Junior Board and they always throw fun events for their students. I had planned a night out with sushi and shopping and silliness driving around, but I secretly was happy that she decided to have this night in. I really needed it. And our theme was MINT! My favorite.

Mint chip milkshake

When my daughters were little I used to make up these ‘girls night in’ themed dinners when my husband had to work late. I started doing them when they were too little to even remember but we would have so much fun together. Any theme they wanted, and I would cook their favorite foods or we’d grab takeout, and we’d watch whatever movie they chose; we would put on face masks, get cozy on the couch together and most times fall asleep midway through the movie.

Ok, I would fall asleep.

Holiday decorating

I love the holidays. Heck, I love all holidays!!! Since my last post, I have rearranged my entire house to decorate for Christmas. And I am happy to share, that my tree is up! I was so inspired from decorating the tree that afterwards I sat down on the couch to embroider a gift for my mom.

Isn’t it cute?

I normally have a Go Big Or Go Home (lots of shine) attitude with decorating each room but this year I am taking a different approach to the kitchen. I’m going sustainable and natural. I dried out some oranges to make garlands for the windows, they came out so cute!; and I have some items on their way to make a wreath to match. I am actually excited to give this wreath a try! I love crafting.

More MINT and Scorpion Bowls

Saturday afternoon, after we grabbed some minty Frappuccino’s at the new Starbucks up the road, I took the girls to a local fair at the Unitarian Church. My neighbors are patrons there and were volunteering, and we support each other so of course I went. (Did I ever mention that we had new neighbors move in before Covid and I love them?? Haha A very nice empty nest couple, they are such good friends.) Anyways, I am Roman Catholic and have never been in another denomination’s church. It was very beautiful and got to meet a lot of wonderful people …and bought a gorgeous hand beaded bracelet for myself to boot!

After a fun afternoon of shopping we met up with my husband, who worked all day. After some chitchat, we decided to head out for dinner. We all were dying for a lil kitsch and Chinese food. And I wanted a scorpion bowl. I loooove tiki cocktails.

We had such a fun night together! The restaurant was packed and decorated everywhere your eyes fell. It kind of reminded me of places in London during the holidays. Idk why. We shared a ton of stories the kids had not heard before … as we happily drank a scorpion bowl. I guess we have a lot of history after 26 years together.

I love my family ❤️.

Monday is Pottery Night!!

I had such a great class this week! It was a real positive night. The projects I worked on felt like I made progress. Everyone was in fun moods, and by the end of the session, the whole room came together to joke around.

When I left last week..I had left a small thrown vase behind to dry to leather hard, and, some ornaments and coasters glazed for the kiln. During this class, I handworked the vase into a better shape (it took me a long time) then carved some designs into it. It was spoon making day, so I made a spoon! My first one.

It actually came out super cute and left it to fire in the kiln. I am not sure how I want to glaze it next week but I have time to research ideas.

Well, that seems to be all I have to share for now. The training has just ended and my kids need to be picked up soon so I have to boogie cleaning up! I never tell them when I wrap Christmas gifts (because I hide them around the house -in almost plain sight- so if they are oblivious to the fact they’re in the house they don’t see them. Hah)

Wow today flew!

Thanks for stopping by, guys! I am always grateful for your support reading along.

till next post! xo

2 thoughts on “Mint to Be

  1. Wow, you have been super busy, Valeria! Your Christmas tree is beautiful! I love your pottery too, it’s so shiny and pretty. I loooove anything mint too, especially ice cream. 🥰 Your husband looks like he is totally enjoying that big cocktail, that sounds delicious right about now too. I wish you and your family the best Christmas season ever, Valeria! ☺️😁

    1. Mint is the best! Do you live close by a Trader Joe’s by chance? They sell mint ice cream mini cones box (they’re dipped in chocolate) for the holidays that is too good to pass up.

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