Thanksgivings and Glazing On

Happy Thanksgiving week, guys! Gobble gobble!

Hope this holiday gives you all the warm and fuzzies as you celebrate with your dearest and nearest. And I’m sending good vibes that not a person talks politics, societies problems, family dynamics or starts a feud at the dinner table. 😉

And if one starts, I hope that we have great cocktails in hand to lend to ignoring them. 😂 salutè 🥂

Anywho. So my husband and I are hosting my family here for dinner. This year, like last, will be my family, my parents and my sister with her kids. This weekend I started on some dinner preparations; made the breadcrumbs, rearranged my house to set up the large tables, got all my good linens out, made lists and went food shopping, started defrosting the bird, but tomorrow (Wednesday), is the big day of preparing with my mom. The OG of cooking and cleaning. We have the bird to clean, the stuffing to start, my formal-ware to wash and then set the table. Oh and do all of this while I work! 😛 I’m a glutton for punishment. I am taking my usual half day however. And taking Friday off too! Something I rarely do but feel I deserve it this year.

This weekend called for a lot of coffee at the ready!

The day before Thanksgiving is always my favorite day of the year. Just me with my parents. And lots of coffee!

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving week? Man, oh man, another year that has flown by! But this year was a great year, and I cannot complain about it. Even after all the hubbub of breaking my wrist, and the general low life moments that try to take us down, I still can see the good in it. I am so thankful and grateful to be here, to enjoy my children and husband, my family and friends, our vacations and every day life, to be helpful to my parents, to appreciate the changing seasons of my life, to keep trying something new, and to know that life can be tough… but I am tougher. 😊

Pottery class update

Last night was Pottery Class! So I am loving pottery class right now. It has been so much fun creating and understanding the process better, and I have made some truly nice friends- of the OG pottery class ladies. This session compared to last session is elevated and it just feels different. Everyone is productive and making great things, that it’s inspiring. I even feel like my hand building work is better this round. Did you see my mug, guys? It is actually a MUG 😂.

Anywayssss. With all the fun, last night the class flew. The process to glaze takes time. Every color needs three layers and depending on what you are doing that can take a lot of time, so I was able to glaze my tree tea light, my mug and a few ornaments. I brought some squeeze bottles to class to test with the glaze – for me squeeze bottles offer that precise line and it’s easier for me to paint with compared to brushes. I’m a weirdo, I know. After a few tries, the instructor and I figured out that a mix of 75% glaze and 25% water worked best with the bottles I brought.

If all goes to plan with these firings, next week I will paint the rest of the ornaments AFTER I throw on the wheel. I have been avoiding it like the plague because I am literally paralyzed with fear to try throwing again and I honestly don’t know why. I liked it. I couldn’t make a specific clay thing work for me so I settled on things I genuinely didn’t live…. but I liked it. Haha. It’s just so frigging hard and I think it’s intimidating. but maybe if I just get my brain in the game to throw and only throw it could work for me to overcome this hurdle.

My one thrown piece. It’s tiny, it’s cute but it’s crude.

Welp, there’s the line in my post, which means that is all I have to share this week. I have a big work day ahead and have to pre prep for tomorrow.

Thank you for catching up with me today. Your support is always appreciated more than you know. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Or Friendsgiving! Or Both! I wish you a day filled with lots of good food, great company and warm laughs.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.🍁🍽 🦃

till next post xoxo

5 thoughts on “Thanksgivings and Glazing On

  1. Wow, so busy! Have a great holiday, Valeria. My family is so scattered these days that only a few of us gather and I won’t be one of them being so far from Michigan.

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