Pre-Operation Appointment

Hey everyone!

How are you doing!? Hope you had a great Halloween! Can’t believe it’s over. Well sort of. But anyways. I just finished dinner here, and had some time to catch you up on the ear surgery news.

Last I posted about my surgery was in August, when we booked the day. And, well, that day is next week. Eek!!

Late this afternoon, I had my pre-op appointment. They talked me through what to expect and took all of my vitals and the like. Next up, I call the surgery line to know what time I am booked in for surgery. The day is set but not the time. Which is weird, right? I have no idea how this all works. Even if I have had surgeries in the past, I have never gone through the pre-op route before.

The surgery is a microsurgery and there are two parts to it. As I have mentioned in my first post about this, my ear drum is perforated and the three aligning bones need to be scraped and re-adjusted. The procedure should last about an hour and a half, with two hour recovery afterwards.

I am kinda scared thinking about this lately, but I am not going to talk about it. The unknown is always petrifying, right? And this is coming up fast. And it’s surgery so the thought of cutting me open… well, ok ok I am fine. 😊 I am a tough woman and I can handle all that this journey has ahead of me. Even if micro-knives are involved. Are there micro-knives? Hah

Anyways! That is what is going on at the moment. I will catch you all up when it’s over. Plus, I have to catch you up on Halloween. Our friend’s party got moved to this Friday, so I will try to mention something this weekend.

Thank you, guys, for stopping by to catch up with me here. I always appreciate it! I really do.

Until my next post, wish me lots of luck and maybe send me some courage! 🍀 😆 🦁

til then..xoxo

3 thoughts on “Pre-Operation Appointment

  1. Best wishes, Valeria! Here’s a bit of encouragement for you – six days ago I had a camera probe thingy inserted into my wrist so that the cardiologist could see if I have blocked arteries in the heart. Nope! But I survived! 😂

    1. Oh my John!
      You are definitely a brave person. Idk if I could handle that 😱!! But you did survive and received such great relieving news.

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