Father’s Day and just random updates.

Hello guys!

It has been a little while since I posted a blig. And, I know, I have zero excuses …other than I have given myself a lil Summer vacation along with my kids ending school. Which basically means I have been trying to put my phone down more, giving myself time for gardening and listening to an insane amount of podcasts during breaks, because I am still working. I am not taking any time of at this moment but working from home has its perks to walk away from the laptop to head outdoors.

Which, work has been a tad bit tedious and nutso; but I am hoping by mid next month, when I actually do start vacationing, it will be quieter. But in the meantime, I will find the time enjoy my family and be silly.

Cuz we gotta be 😜 silly! And I just find my shirt stupid funny.

So, let’s catch up!

Father’s day was a blast two weeks ago. Ohhh. Happy Father’s Day to all of you hardworking and caring dads in my WordPress family! Hope it was a relaxing day and you were spoiled rotten as you deserve.

Ok , so our weekend was a lot of fun. First, I celebrated my dad on Saturday. We hosted a backyard BBQ and it was such a great time. Showering my dad with gifts and attention means so much to me. Especially that he is older. I just love my dad so much, and don’t tell my sisters BUT.., I am his favorite child. I know, of course I am, right?! 😉

Then to celebrate my husband, the father of all fathers, we decided to take the kids away for an overnight out in the Berkshires. We had driven through the area last February, right before covid19 shut us down. We stopped at a museum and had some great times but it was so cold then, that we had talked about going back in Summer, so it was the perfect time to go. We took off on Sunday morning and headed straight to Brunch at a place called The Barn Kitchen in Williamstown. It was such a great spot!

From there we went to Jiminy Peak. We had bought tickets a few weeks before, timed from 2p-6p. It’s a mountain adventure park. They have coasters, slides, huge swings, scenic ski lift rides and a ton more. I was curious as to what it was like in person. And it was actually beautiful. We got to ride everything we wanted a few times because the crowds were kept down due to the timed tickets. And even I liked the rides! 😮.

It was such a fun time!

After the park, we drove around the area a little bit then hit up The Trail House for dinner. This place was fun. We opted to go here because they had a big shaded patio and sunny deck. Which we opted for the deck. I didn’t take many pics of our night, I was trying to enjoy the scenery and company. After dinner we went to our hotel and hung out at the pool. Then I passed out! 😂

The next day we got up fairly early and made our way to MASSMoca, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art. My husband wanted to see an exhibit there.

So here is a weird ‘I live in a sitcom’ thing that happened.

One of the stops we planned on our way home after the museum was an antiques shop that was fairly new and was known foe their coffee and good finds. We pulled into the parking lot and this elderly woman comes out of the doors towards us. She tells us how she was in the store shopping but no one was inside. The lights were off and she wanted to buy something. The website said they were open so I was like, ‘maybe something happened and the person is in the back?’ Basically, let’s go see what’s going on.

We all walk in, our children included. We call out to anyone. ‘Hello?’. The place was basically open except the lights were off. All the doors were unlocked. I checked the backroom and no one was there. The store was so cute, too! They had a full coffee bar set up with local trinkets.

Then after a few minutes, just as we were deciding to leave, the owner comes storming in!! 😆 He was notified of the silent alarm going off by the local PD. He chuckled when he saw us on his cctv …shopping. He didn’t realize the doors weren’t locked nor that his site said they were open. He talked to us for ten minutes about his new store, how great his coffee and donuts are, and being freaked out from the call. The elderly woman was so happy to see him and had the man grab the item she wanted. We left, after he said thank you for being honest people 😆.

As we were leaving, we overheard the woman asking the owner to make her a coffee!! which he was glad to do but how hilarious.

On the health front-

As of right now, my hearing has actually been pretty good. Not great, I still have difficulty with certain sounds or when people mumble, but I feel it is not muffled like when I was all inflamed with allergies at the beginning of this adventure.

Next I have my check in appointment at the end of August, right when I return from a trip. This appointment, or so I suspect, the ear specialist should check-in on how things stand since that last visit and to discuss making arrangements for surgery for mid to late September. Though I am hoping for early October since my Septembers are always busy with back to school and the girls’ birthdays. But I will take whatever date she gives me.

Also, I have started on the journey to lose the crappy covid19 weight that I had gained staying home all last year. I am down seven lbs, but sadly have a lot of weight to go more. But I am feeling great about it and am motivated!!

My yard-

Morning coffee in my yard, and in pjs!

I have been enjoying my yard more now than ever before. It’s probably because of all the hours I’ve invested in gardening over the past few years. I find myself gravitating towards the backyard all the time.

It is such a great feeling to watch something you plant in the bare dirt grow and flourish. It is meditative and rewarding. Especially, learning all the tricks of the trade with splitting plants and propagating. It’s so fun.

My hands and knees are dirty every day from being outside. I am wet from a daily hose mishap each evening. The work is never ending…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

Well, that is my catch up. Thank you for taking the time to catch up with me. I always appreciate your support.

I hope you have a great start to your Summer, guys. xoxo

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