Let’s catch up!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I missed out on posting earlier this week, I have been so busy obsessing over …The Doomsday Couple case!

I am not sure who my true crime fans are out there, but holy life consuming this week, right?! In this case, indictments came out from Idaho, then indictments from Arizona followed, but on the same day, Lori was deemed incompetent to sit. Bahhh it was just a lot of podcasts, and youtube lives and reading articles to understand what happened. Plus, I had my real life going on!

This case takes the cake of being fantastically horrifying to me. Meaning that there is too much going on for it to be real …but it’s, in fact, real.

But anyways…my real life.

Last weekend, Friday night through Sunday afternoon, our daughter had her school play performance of Descendants. It was so cute! The kids did a great job, with mask circumstances and all. They prerecorded most of the vocals and overlaid it in real time. It worked out pretty well. We attended opening night, per our kid’s request but showed up after each performance to cheer the company on as the exited for pick up. It was quite sweet and these kids have made some great friendships through this process.

And I hate to say this out loud …but Yay!! I am so glad it is done. It had been so hectic over the past few months getting her to all the try outs and rehearsals and hangouts, and all that jazz associated with the play. Balancing the rest of my family’s schedules and work, and my own self— it was a lot! 😂 But it all worked out to produce a great show, and now we can start to slow down just in time for the end of year events to start popping up.

In gardening news… Saturday we finished the garden containers. Woohoo! It took us a long time to finish both of these but that is life. Saturday was a super hot day, too, so we sweat our 🍑 off in the process all day. After they were built, we lined the inside with plastic and filled them with a 50/50 mix of loom and compost. Which we ordered locally that morning and was delivered within an hour! So great! I filled them with my veggies n herbs right away. Then moved some of the existing plants around and the stone birdbath. Done! (Well sort of.) Still to do is …plant some more things, get tables to show case bonsais and get modern wooden trellises for the containers. Stayed tuned for that!

The garden containers are built and filled and ready to go!

In more family news… both of my kids, 13 & 15, have received their first round of vaccinations. Which is so wonderful and a relief! The girls even felt the relief, as this past week all of their closest friends received their first doses, too. Things are definitely making a turn for the better around here.

..F I N A L L Y..

And in sewing news… I did carve out some time each day between podcasts for some embroidery.

I would like to focus on an embroidery project that is a little more difficult. Sort of like the ones that I started with back in January. More detailed, I guess is what I am saying.

On the health front, my hearing is still wonky. So weird that it comes and goes depending on my allergies. Which is weird, right? But that appointment with the other ear doctor is next week. I will definitely fill you in after I visit with her. I am sort of nervous about this appointment. I think because surgery is inevitable and that will be the main point of discussion…and I really don’t like the idea of being cut open. Like, ever.

Welp, that was a big update! Way more came out of me than I had imagined. Sorry about that!

As always, thank you for swinging by, guys. I really do appreciate your support reading along! Hope you all enjoy this long weekend! Till next time. xoxo

2 thoughts on “Let’s catch up!

  1. Congrats on your daughter’s play! I hope you won’t need surgery on your ear, Valeria, nobody wants to be cut open! I don’t know anything about a True Crime series, sorry! Have a great holiday, Valeria! 😎🍻🇺🇸

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