I Sew it on TV

Hello ladies and gentlemen of WordPress! It is the Sunday after ‘springing forward’ and I am excited! Not about losing that hour of sleep, actually dislike that a lot, but I am excited about how late the sun set! Woo!

Cmon early Spring! 🙏🏻

This week I was flat out busy with work, which is a good thing, right? Being busy means it flew by super fast, which sucks, right? 😆 We did end the week with an outdoor bday for our 9 yo niece on Friday. It was sixty degrees! My sister in law had us over for a fire-pit pizza party, which was a good break together. Then we hung out with my parents yesterday—because I had to upload Zoom for my not so tech savvy mom. (God help us all)

I did sew some, however. Last Sunday, I made a kickass hoop of Wanda. Becuz I love WandaVision, as I keep mentioning. I planned to make Agatha and Vision through the week.

Ugh. Then Idk what happened.

I tried making Agatha the next day. Ugh ug u, I just couldn’t focus and every draft I drew and stitched I threw out midway through. What was happening to me? Idk. I ended up making her four times, in different styles, then on the last one I just decided to finish it and let go. I know it looks nothing like the character, and it’s oddly in an Archie comic style, but I just had to push through to finish it. I felt so defeated that afternoon. I honestly don’t know why. It sucked though because I felt so out of sorts trying to make something that Tuesday.

So. I stopped stitching to give my mind and feelings a break. I loved making Wanda. I was so excited to see her come to life. She made me happy. And then to completely flub on Agatha made me sad.

Then by Thursday, I was ready to get back to sewing something. I didn’t have a ton of fabric left since I trashed a lot over Agatha. I decided to use the remaining fabric to make something fun on my largest hoop, a 10”. As I loved making Wanda, a character, I thought about what other characters I could make. Then boom, thought of the greatest show to ever exist… SEINFELD. I’m a Seinfeld nut. I found a fun poster online that I could use called the ABC’s of Seinfeld. It is a funny visual dictionary of their greatest characters or moments.

It’s funny and I am taking my time with it.

My hope is when my material shows up I will be fired back up to sew sew sew!!

I think that is where I am ending it on this update! Thank you so much for reading! You guys are liTerally the best. xoxo

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