You Stitch What You Sew

Good Morning, WordPress! We are having a lovely bright morning in Boston today, and boy, does it feel good! Love waking up to bright blue skies full of sunshine. Ahh. It just feels so good.

This past week has actually been a pretty bright one up here, even after two days of horrendous winds that knocked out power across the state. I call those wind storms, and most likely you all do too, the winds of change. They are those scary howling winds that literally churn our surroundings around. As if to prep us for what’s to come ahead. Which for us, at this moment, means SPRING!!

Yeah, I am a weirdo about warm weather. I know..I talk about it all the time. Born and raised in Boston, for some, means drinking an iced coffee while wearing shorts and a hoodie in snowy 35F weather. Not me. Fuck that. 😆 I am freezing the second the weather reaches below 65F. God I dislike the cold. Heck, make that below 70F. Yeah, the snow and cold weather are a fun novelty but I get over them pretty quickly. I love the sparkle of snow; it is beautiful, I admire it. I truly do. Those fat, slow- paced snowfalls over this Winter were some of the most beautiful sights I had watched all season. Lovely, reminiscent and perfect. Brought me that mindful stillness that I love in Winter. But…

Let’s move on already!

Sooo anyways. I stitched some this week, and kept to my idea, making it a farm themed week. Thus my punny blog post title. Which will make more sense in a minute.

Idk what happened to me this week but I wasn’t into sewing. I did stitch every moment I could during the work week, but I wasn’t as happy as in the weeks past. And my work shows it completely ugh. Except I did enjoy making that last project, of the farmer feeding her chickens.

Maybe it was embroidering an actual theme? Maybe the theme wasn’t as fun for me as I wanted it to be? Idk. 🤔 Maybe it was the restricting myself to a theme rather than the process that turned me to cool off? I just dunno.

I intentionally didn’t stitch on Saturday, gave myself a day off. But. I felt like I was missing something when I had downtime and didn’t grab for my embroidery box. On Sunday afternoon, I took some time to make something. I had seen a pop culture embroidery on reddit that I wanted to try and good news is, the spark came back and I was able to make something fun. And enjoy myself during the process. (Which I will share in my next blog post but it’s on my Instagram if you wanna sneak-a-peak.)

Ok well, I gotta get back to work. You know the thing standing in the way of me practicing embroidery? Till next time! Thank you for being a great listener, I truly appreciate it! xoxi

See? I toldya I was obsessed with embroidery now!

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