Day 25- Sober October Journal

🎢 Day 25! Day 25! Day 25! 🎢

Still going, guys! Woo. Twenty-five days without alcohol. No junk food. Conscious eating overall, and fasting after 8PM.

There have been a few temptations to eat poorly or to drink since I last wrote, but I have been clean. There just have been lots of work focus, as I mentioned last. All I can say is that at least I am not a stress eater, but instead for me, high stress usually equals a glass or two of a great wine relaxing at the end of a day with my love. Welp. Not now on this challenge.

But snuggling with him and tea after a long day works almost the same. πŸ˜‰

Last night a lot of my stressors melted away with a work dinner. Luckily, I kept my eating wits while ordering. Everyone knew I was participating in Sober October, and pretty supportive about it, too. Which was nice! I had a lot of great laughs through the night.

Thankfully, I work with some funny, funny guys; yep all men. I’m the regina of the group. But anyways. Most of these guys I have known for over 15 years, and I consider friends. Friends who were drinking and eating junk and drinking and drinking. I sat at the head of the table with a nutrient dense salad flanked with four steak tips, which was insanely good, and a ginger beer. Ginger beer seems to be my favorite ‘fun’ drink of the moment. I think it’s because it tricks my brain into thinking she is drinking mules but it’s obvious that replacing alcohol with sugar (one drug for another) makes me happy. πŸ˜‚

What melted my stress was not the dinner out but all the fun conversations afterwards back at the office. The high I got off the silliness and gossip that we laughed through lasted my whole ride home. I am really fortunate to have such great work friends. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see one another too often but thankfully there’s a work messenger and email!

Most times our banter is the best part of my day.

There have been some obstacles this month. Restrictions for clean eating and sobriety is definitely a challenge when you’re hyper aware of the lives around you, but for the most part I have kept my mind set on the goals. Even thought to change my finish line date from October 31 to November 2. Since we have our best friends’ Halloween party that night, it may be best to break my sobriety then.

I can’t believe Imma type what I am thinking here, but, at this moment I have thoughts to cut back on drinking and have been seriously thinking to limit myself going forward. I feel really good and wonder if drinking will make me feel shitty again. Being sober is a beautiful feeling. I mean, I miss wine badly but what if I limit it to celebrations or a weekend once in a while?

We shall see.

Good night! And keep me in your luck filled intentions. πŸ€

4 thoughts on “Day 25- Sober October Journal

  1. There would be nothing wrong with cutting back. I think about doing so from time to time as well. And then I decide to ponder it over a drink, LOL.

    But seriously, you could be onto something. And the going without will only make it feel that much more special when you do it. You’ve really culled a lot of good stuff out of this challenge.

    Home stretch Boston!

    1. It seems like a lot of people around me have thought to cut back at some point in their lives. My intentions to cut back after this are good at the moment.
      Really, I hope they stick once the gate opens on October 31! πŸ˜†

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