Day 22- Sober October Journal

Hello WordPressers!

Nine days to go! As of today, it is 22 days without alcohol, no junk food and being mindful with my food choices-fasting after 8PM. I can’t believe there are so many days under my belt versus ahead of me. I can almost see the finish line!

Ok so this post is going to be hella-quick because of work. The next few days actually will be hectic and I may not have time after this morning to live post till Thursday.

Since my last post, on day 17, I have been busy with work and running around with my family, and through it all I have been feeling great. Really great. I am not missing alcohol as much as I had thought. On top of feeling great, I am starting to notice a difference in my sleep pattern. It might be an answer to why I feel great.

It’s sound sleep.

I was curious if this sounder sleep was due to earlier sunsets and darker mornings with Autumn here. I love sleeping with my bedroom window shades open, for morning light. Yes, I am one of those people. The natural light waking me up prior to my cranky alarm helps me not be an utter asshole all day. (I truly hate whomever invented the alarm clock). But the more I thought about why I was sleeping better, the more I started to think it was the abstaining from alcohol.

Yesterday morning was when I realized how sound I have been sleeping and brought it up to my husband. He noticed it, too. We had a good laugh as he reminded me of last week. He came home after midnight and I didn’t even flinch to wake up. I was snoring away as he changed and hopped into bed. What!? Very unlike me. Usually, I am wide awake or wake up when I hear his car pull in. Now I am sleeping straight to 6AM!

Before this challenge, I would fall asleep without issue, but then a few hours later, I would wake up for a few minutes. Then fall asleep. Just to wake up again. Sometimes my wakings would just be that, or repeated a few times through the night, or occasionally, not having ease falling back asleep till 5AM. Just to wake up at 6AM. I just thought it was a symptom of ‘women getting older’. Everywhere we turn there are agist warnings with the tag line like, ‘the age of forty is the turning point for (name symptom here)’. Fill in with .. Poorer eye sight, weight gain, aches, lack of sleep.. WRINKLES! 😳


So. Recap of this challenge, I have felt happier. More energetic. Less bloated. Hydrated. Eating less junk. I sleep better and more. All this good stuff has brought me joy and it hasn’t been so hard to attain all this joy, either.

🍀 Definitely, keep sending the good vibes, it’s working, guys!!


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