Day 10- Sober October Journal

Woo! Day ten, everyone!!

Since my last post, I have kept up not drinking any alcohol. Yes! Big back pats to me! Mentally, it wasn’t as easy this week as it had been last week though.

It’s a challenge, right? Right.

I chose this specific challenge for a reason. To dare myself to cut back on drinking; to change my lifestyle and prove my inner strength. The road blocks, i.e., stress and life decisions I make, will taunt me, but it’s up to ME to say fuck off.

Which, I have been doing. 🙂

Then here’s something I am sort of embarrassed about. I have been 95% successful with not eating junk. I know!!! I wasn’t thinking during my oldest daughter’s Field Hockey game Monday night and ate some pretzels while gossiping with one of the other moms. I DID IT AGAIN TONIGHT! But instead, I was gossiping with my husband with my hand in the pretzel bag. Haha. I know, big deal, pretzels. BUT my junk food junkies know this is the foot in the door towards the Cheez-its and Bag O’Bones Halloween Cheetos. Uhm, these are what stares at me from my kitchen cabinets every day. For me to not touch those is a bigger deal than these handfuls of pretzels!!

So there we have it. I am human after all! The ups and downs are expected, but I have to use willpower. Though, willpower can be hard to focus, I am going to keep trying. I am in this to win!!

Please, God, help me win.

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