Picnic in the Park..But First

A fitness update!

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday!

Well, I wanted to talk about.. my scale.  It’s been two hard kick-ass weeks straight that my scale has finally given in to our friendship, and I am extremely happy to finally breathe a sigh of fitness related relief; our friendship is that I stand on him and he tells me I am lighter.. and sometimes he says I am pretty..ok not really, but I need that type o’scale!

So, MY scale, my new bff, made me very happy this morning after these two long weeks, because for the first time since I started this fitness adventure my number has shot down 4lbs.  YES! I FINALLY BROKE THE BARRIER!

I have been seeing so many physical changes, that have been giving me such a high, and my mind is clear and I am even happier than normal (if you can believe it!), except the number on the scale wasn’t changing.  This was secretly bothering me.. And I want to say thank you to all my friends, who were cheering me on, listening to me complain, but ignoring me by telling me to stop weighing myself incessantly every morning and be happy with the physical changes, because things were happening.  So I did listen.  I did stop, and a few weeks ago I opted to just weigh in once a week on Fridays.  And, the funny thing is, this psychology has seemed to work.  haha

I am so so happy about these results that I can’t shake the smile off my face!!

Today's selfie..4 lbs lighter and a whole lot of inches smaller!
Today’s selfie..4 lbs lighter and a whole lot of inches smaller!

Ok so about the Red Sox event last Sunday.

Sunday we went to the Red Sox Foundation’s event, Picnic in the Park.  If you haven’t gone, can afford to go, I highly HIGHLY recommend it.  We only got to go because my husband works for the Red Sox and Fenway Park, so he was able to get us in to this event.

So, Picnic in the Park is an annual fundraising event hosted by the players and their wives, and it benefits two of their charitable programs…the Red Sox Scholars and the Red Sox RBI programs.  This event was a lot of fun.  As you walked in you were given a bag with a blanket and other stuff, then you were faced with all the tables of the Red Sox to sign autographs for an hour. Then there was an on-site BBQ with snacks, ice cream, and drinks.  Then The Boston Pops Jazz band played after the live auction, which was also online if you wanted to participate without going to the event.  Then they had face painting, caricatures, photo ops with the trophies if you were the last people in Boston to get a chance to ..like myself hhahaa.  It was a real fun event and I am thankful I was able to go and to see my kids light up being out on the field playing frisbee and meeting all these famous players they hear us talking about.

It was real fun. 

Here are a slew of pics I had taken.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone!


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