Easter 2015

Hey Everyone,

Happy Easter!

Today was a great day spent with my family. It started off with the girls waking up at the crack of dawn, which wasn’t all that great since we were out late last night partying, but it was still awesome to see them freak over their baskets when they came down stairs! They received so many fun gifts that were so well received.  Then we went to an afternoon mass at a new to us location, the church at Merrimack College.  Our church is massive and they need to outpost the holiday masses to places like the HS auditorium or Merrimack’s campus church.  It was a real nice church, and the mass was peaceful.  Then we followed mass with meeting our family for dinner at L’Andana in Burlington.  We had been for brunch on my bday last year, loved it, so I suggested it for Easter..very glad I did.  I enjoyed every minute, especially the blood orange margarita again!, and so did my family. My kids the most.  After dinner we went to my parents to give the children their baskets and continue on eating  lol.  So, basically, I just got home.

So…I am just photobombing and running because I want to hop into bed to watch Mr Selfridge off the DVR with my man.  And most likely pass out.  😉

Hope you all had an awesome day with your families whether you celebrated Easter, Passover, or nothing at all.



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