Signed Up!

Hey Everyone!

This girl was up super late last night reviewing the two gyms side by side, and I signed up for one!

I chose gym…..number 1!  (The first one I checked out!)

I didn’t think that shopping for a gym would be this big of a deal, because my last gym was conveniently attached to my children’s pre-K school.   It was very family oriented with a membership my husband and I could share, so it was a real no brainer. Also, at that time, it was all newly renovated with a great lay out, new machines, decent people, and class schedules that made me think of taking one! (lol think).  So that was all a plus, because I’d go after work and then swing by to pick up my children afterward from their class.  But even though it was pretty hefty in price, the amenities were pretty rad and a part of me felt good that my membership dollars were going to a place that helped the community, too.  Yes, it was a YMCA.

This time around, I really thought about what would be a better fit for me now that none of my kids are in that facility any more.  So that old location didn’t really make sense anymore as I work from home more often than not.  At the end of the day, what I really want and need for motivation is convenience and the use of machines/equipment that I understand and want to use.  Convenience of location the most.   If I can be at the gym in less than ten minutes, I am sold!


Gym #1 is just a better location.  It’s near my house and my kids’ school.  Its hours are almost 24/7.  The vibe felt right. AAAaand the membership price wasn’t riddled with an insane amount of hidden fees.  Holy moly, gym #2’s fine print had crazy inflated fees on top of membership …and it was further away, in an area I wasn’t all that hot on driving to; and I didn’t see any reason why it was more money than other gyms in the area after the tour!

I am not one to even think about price in that way either, just so you know more of what swayed me.  For me if something is worth the value you are being charged, then I will be the first to opt in.  I am not cheap, but I am not stupid enough to spend money on things I don’t find true value in.  But as I was talking to my husband last night, nothing but the pool and basketball court are the difference in those gyms aside from location, and well.  I don’t play basketball, and, I was not that impressed by the pool like I thought I would be for my kids to use it.

I think I made the right choice and I am so excited to get in there for fun!

So…Congratulations gym #1!


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