Friday Update

Hey Everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day Eve!  One more day! And Happy Friday the 13th!  <–except I think this is a lucky day!

What a beautifully sunny, but, frigid, day here in Boston.  The sun was so bright and cheery, it really made my day.  The snow is starting to get on my nerves, though, I know what a shock.  It hasn’t stopped snowing on a weekly basis since the end of January, and, it’s just so meh. There’s nowhere to throw it, and it’s starting to lose it’s glittery luster.  The beauty of it really has gone away for me, and I am so ready for it all to melt away.  Far far away!  And for the hot sun to shine every day!  

Today the girls had their Valentine’s Day parties at school, and, boy oh boy, was the house a buzz this morning getting them ready!  They were so excited and it brought me right back to my elementary days being excited for it too.  (I am so glad I haven’t really lost that excitement for this holiday either!)   

This year they wanted to make their valentines for their classes, and I am sharing a photo of them below.  Our First Grader had a candy restriction, but our Third Grader didn’t, so those were the options they came up with.  I am a doilies freak, so of course I had those on hand for them.  I thought they were so sweet and they were so proud of putting them together on their own.  The names of the kids were left off for the photos, but you get the idea..the TO and FROM were hand written in the center.  There are also a few other shots from today of the girls.  They were so excited to be dressed similarly and so exited to start their school day!


Hope you guys have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, no matter what you are doing!, and a relaxing three day weekend!!  Yes, I am so happy about that!!  


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