10 Day You Challenge- 2 Songs

Challenge #9 of the 10 Day You Challenge


My 2 Songs…

I am a music junky!, so, to just pick two is…gah, so tough! I love so many songs and can pick a half dozen to represent this, but which TWO!!??

This is truly a challenge, guys~!






OK. I think I have a list!


1. At Last Sung by Etta James

At Last is our wedding song, and with our 13th* wedding anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks, it just is the right fit in my top two.  This song makes me smile anytime I hear it, bringing me right back to our first dance as husband and wife. He in his sweet black tux, holding me close, and I in my white dress smiling, tearing up singing in his ear.  It must’ve sounded horrible. haha 🙂

We had so much fun that night.

“You smiled, you smiled. Oh …and then the spell was cast”– the lyrics why we chose it.  We first met, we smiled and were enchanted. Literally from the second we looked at each other.

*Actually, today is our 18th year date-iversary!  YAH!!!11  We were such babies then! And tonight we will be celebrating in true us fashion…Arcade Fire show! Which I will try to post all about Thursday, cause tomorrow is also my love’s birthday!!  🙂    This is my killer time of year with family events!



2. Pictures of You –  Sung by The Cure

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”― Andy Warhol 

Pictures of You is one of those perfect songs isn’t it? If you are heartbroken it totally is, or a goth chick/guy too…hah.  But I am no goth girl and my heart’s condition is definitely not the reason I picked this song for this. I just really have always liked this song, and when I brought it to my husband, that I was choosing this song in my top two, he said it made total sense.

I love photos, you see. I love looking back at life and time as it was when the camera snapped the photo. Even if it pains me to see the change sometimes.   There’s something somber in that idea, I know, maybe I am slightly goth..no no I am totez not.  I just like re-living the past and this song happens to always place me there.


What are your two songs?!?!



Oh NO! One more challenge to go! 😦


Till next Tuesday, guys!



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