Arcade Fire- August 19, 2014

Hey Everyone!

Hope this is finding you all doing well! Hopefully the sun will come back out soon so we can enjoy what is left of this Thursday in style!

Last I wrote, in my challenge post, I mentioned that we were going to the Arcade Fire show on Tuesday..and we had a blast.  A B-LAAAST!

The atmosphere at the show was a lot of fun, and it is most likely due to the band requesting their fans to wear formal attire or, we happily obliged and glad we did!  There were so many clever outfits and some way out there costumes, but for the most part people were dressed up and there to have a great time. My husband is the best, he wore a tuxedo shirt and bow tie, and I wore a black strapless dress, then I dusted my face in reflective silver powder and wore this partial mask I made that had glimmery feathers. I think it looked good in person.. and everywhere I turned someone had to tell me they loved it.  One girl physically stopped me in the lot to tell me how much she loved it…so it must’ve been pretty good!

The show started off with the ‘reflektors’, those creepy oversized bobbleheads, out on stage alongside the premised the insanity that was to follow. They kicked it off with ‘normal person’, which was so amazingly done; they just ran with music and never stopped.  They played so many songs, and Win Butler sweetly, and childishly, called out his wife that it was her birthday ..and it was just all non-stop fun from there.

During ‘Reflektor’ they had someone out in the audience with a mirrored suit on dancing as the lights shined upon them.. it was so pretty and creepy at the same time.

Some of the show’s highlights:

– Régine was in the middle of the audience with a person donning a skeleton costume as she sang “it’s never over” (it was so beautiful!)

– They played ‘the sprawl II’, my fav song of theirs off The Suburbs.

– They spectacularly intro’d ‘afterlife’ with ‘my body is a cage’.

– During the encore they covered The Pixies!  It was so special and the crowd went NUTS!

– The best song off Reflektor, ‘Here comes the nighttime’, the song ended on an explosion of confetti that completely coated their party goers.  It was so much fuN!

I, for one, love love love this band.. I am a huge fan. They didn’t disappoint with their setlist mix up of their array of music.  AND.  I was so happy to finally be at a show next to people who were as hopped up to be there as I was. Nothing worse than sitting in a row of people sitting there like losers.  Our few together in the row had so much fun geeking out as complete strangers.. and thank you to the guy, on my right with his gf, for grabbing my phone just to take a photo of me and my husband.  lol I don’t know why or how that came up, but it did.

I will DEFINITELY be seeing this band again. They didn’t disappoint for a moment!!



I took the CRAPPIEST photos, but that’s cause my iphone was drunk.  But this is what I got!

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