10 Day You Challenge- 6 Places

Challenge #5 of the 10 Day You Challenge


My 6 Places…

1.  My backyard

My yard has to be my favorite three season place to be!  Well, four too, but I will look at it from afar from a window in the Winter!



2. The Beach

Most any of them, but my local Gloucester beaches are among my favorite. I love to hear the local people, watch the waves, feel the breezes, touch the sand and soak up the sun.  It is truly one place where I can relax, feel at home, while thinking of nothing else but what is in front of me.

20140711-080756-29276118.jpg20140711-080545-29145345.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



3.  Gaslight, Brasserie du Coin

There is something about this restaurant that makes me feel so at home.  Their food is great.  Their drinks are clever. The atmosphere is quaint. The decor is spot on French bistro.  The staff is great. I just love it.  Plop me down in that corner booth right there with a Madame Lillet, a steak with frites with a salad nicoise, and you are talking one happy girl.

Snagged this from their site.

I was just there Sunday, and now I have this place on my mind.. arg I want to go to there!


4. My shower

Our master bedroom’s shower is bliss encased in glass and marble.  The shower’s water pressure is great.  The heat ramps up super hot, which I love.  The smell of my favorite body wash. The feeling of hot running water all over is absolutely magnificent. Also, any place where my children can let me be for an hour is where I am at!

AND NO. There are no photos of me in the shower here.. but I do have this!:



5. Boston

Out of all the cities I’ve ever travelled to none make me feel happy like Boston.  It’s big city life in such a small city scale.  The people, the history, the coast line, the restaurants, the museums, the universities, the neighborhoods, the community vibe, blend it together and it’s home.  Boston, you truly are..my home!



6. My bed

The mattress is super soft and comfy (latex mattresses rawk!).  It has a fluffy mattress cover.  It is the perfect size for me; not too big, not too small.  The sheets are always clean and crisp.  Slipping into the sheets when they are clean is a great way to relax.  The bedding is my favorite color, blue.  It is situated below two windows, so you can feel the cool breezes of the Summer nights whisper over.  My husband shares it with me, which is a lot of fun (hubba hubba). Our girls love to snuggle with us in the morning, one of the best ways to wake up.  Annd… My pally pal, Gordon Ramsey (my cat), loves to snuggle on it with me.    And who doesn’t love bed snuggling anyway?!!?  ;P


This was actually hard to put together! I could have picked any place I have traveled to or want to go to cause the list is long and at my fingertips, but when I thought about this list, I wanted to list my favorite places where I feel most at home.  🙂  Cause I love that feeling.


Where are your 6 places??


Till next Tuesday, everyone!


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