Weekend Fun

Hey Everyone!
Hope you all stayed dry this AM.. without flooding.
What a blow out rain storm during the late morning commute this morning! I drove through way too many mini oceans on the highway, ones I was fearful of not making through.. it was not fun. But the best part was that when I got over the Zakim and through the O’Neill it was sunny and gorgeous on the other side.

Oh Boston weather you are a big confusion!

Well, I think you guys saw my posts/stuff from the weekend, we took a mini vacation with some friends down on the Cape.  We relaxed a whole bunch and it definitely helped me survive the perils from the week before.. OMG! WHAT A HORRIFIC WEEK that was! Just everything comig at me all at once, and that was right off the cusp of my last vacation which you know, returning from vacation to find a shit ton of work is the worst..arg I don’t even wanna feel that again.

Hopefully I never have to!

Here are a few snapshots of the weekend..

Sunday we didn’t take many photos cause the weather, my cell/internet reception down there was iffy, ANND we headed home earlier than expected cause of the rain starting up. But it was all great cause we got home, ordered in Chinese/Japanese, and watched the Lego Movie. 🙂 I like only those types of rainy days.

This type of rainy day this morning was a jerk. 🙂


Well, I got a lot of work to do!  Tomorrow’s my 10 day challenge post, so keep an eye out for that!






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